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Ella - October 25

My husband and I have been discussing baby names. It seems that all of the names we agree on are on the "most popular" names list. I have plenty of time to come up with boys and girls names, however I don't want my baby to be one of a few kids with the same name in the same classoom/playground/day care etc. Does anyone have any suggestions of cute baby names? Or maybe where to find a different name?


Bump - October 27



To Ella - October 27

I am having the same problem and its one that most of us will face so how about we post website addresses etc on this thread that will help us find the perfect names.


Popularity chart - October 27


Just a few - October 27


sarah - October 27

I love the name sienna for a girl.


Ella - October 27

Part of my problem, is I'm a teacher an a__sociate names with kids I've taught and have an opinion of....I like Isabella and Gabriella for a girl, but I am having difficulty with boy, I'll have a boy


Sara - October 28

What do people think of Willow?


cute - October 28

I know a little girl named Willow. She's darling and the name fits. They are very outdoory people. They also have two other girls named Lily and Yarrow, both flowers


Gemma - October 28

GIRL: Felicity, Hannah, Rebecca, Charlotte, Angel, Trinity, Demi, Lorna, Saskia, Chelsea, Phoebe, Natalia, Teegan, Holly, Machaela, Kiya, Eva. BOYS: Sebastian, Ronan, Colby, Blake, Kyle, Toby, Evan, Ewan, Harrison, Joseph.


Ella - October 28

I like Spencer, Aiden (on the top 10 list), and husband insists in giving me the playground version of every name I makes it rather difficult


Kennedy - October 28

I'm a teacher too Ella and I too have the same problem of choosing a name that doesn't remind me of someone I'd rather not recall every time I call my child. I have a girl in my cla__s this year and her name is Senna. Not Sienna but Senna. I thought that was cute. I love your name and will most likely name our daughter Ella or Stella. Boys, I like the name Elliot, Julian, Ben, Parker (girl or boy), Ryan, Ellis, Addison, Grant..hope this helps.


bump up - October 29

bump up


K - October 30

Just don't do Madison. There are a million (even though it's cute!). It's the "Jennifer" of the new millenium.


Ella - October 31

Kennedy-I think my name is on the top 10 list of most common names for 04-05. I'm the only one I know, and want that for my baby. I like Parker, and Tucker (but the playground adaptation is not so nice). As a teacher, how far along are you, have you told your students?


Jenn - October 31

My little boy's name is Indiana. I've only seen 1 other boy with it. It's one of those names that you either like it a lot or not at all, but we like it and is fits him.


nicky - October 31

if i have a girl her name will be Haleigh Nicole and if i have a boy his name will be Alden Alexander or Alexander Alden........what do you think?



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