Traveling To Cancun Help

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mommy fin - January 23

I don't know for that I am preggo. My docters have done three hcg blood test and want me to take one more, the #'s went from 20 to 30 to 847. So one more test my docter said , SO I go thrusday. But any way MY HD and I are going to cancun in april so I think I will be 18 wks. Is it safe to go there if I am preggo?


mommy fin - January 23

I don't Know how this got in here twice I am sorry for that ladys.


Krissy25 - January 23

Your numbers seem to indicate that you are pregnant and they are rising. I'm not sure what the confusion is. Does your doctor think you are not or that there is a problem maybe? I see no reason that you can't go to Cancun in your second trimester my hubby and i are planning a trip soon and i will be in my second. My doctor recomened it because our last one was kind of ruined due to a m/c. The only thing you need to be careful of is the water. It can make you sick to your stomach. Every time i have been to Mexico i always come back not feeling right. But i was drinking blended drinks and stuff with ice, so that may have been it. Since you are preggo you won't have to worry about it.


mommy fin - January 24

All my doctor will says is take one more test. I don't know why. But I go thursday for the test so I hope by friday they will tell me something


jen327 - January 24

Mommy Fin, I am going to travel when I am 6 months pregnant. I am going to visit family. My OB said you can travel up until 35 weeks. I see no reason why you shouldnt go, My OB said she would prefer me go somplace in the US after 25 weeks incase of premature labor, because they could save teh baby, but before then she said anyplace was fine. She did tell me to get up every hour on the plane for 10 mins and walk to keep the blood flowing. Good luck and congrats.


zinger43 - January 24

Just don't drink the water and don't get ice in your drink...otherwise you should be fine....have a blast!!!!!!!!



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