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lisa715 - October 18

well...this is very embarrassing, but i'm pretty sure most of us are experiencing constipation...i blame my prenatal vitamins since i eat only fiber-rich foods. i've always been a big fiber eater and now b/c of the vitamins, i'm feeling like...well.. you know. haha!!! any ideas for moving things along? my normal fiber-rich foods just aren't cutting it any more!!


eastcoast - October 18

I'm glad you posted this question -I'm in the same boat:( I find drinking lots and lots of water seems to help me. I'm a huge fan of fiber too, and think the prenatal vitamins must be the cause.....that and my body is shifting around inside which probably doesn't help either;)


Cevvin - October 18

grapefruits help me thats for sure. and stay away from cheese. i love cheese and i regret it the next day :P. Lots of water dont for get that


lisa715 - October 18

oh but i love my cheese!!!!!!!! i wonder if i'll make it without it....


lisa715 - October 18

i already just ate some..i'm never going to make it!!!


wv_red - October 18

Sorry I cant keep away from the cheese:) I found that maybe 4 or 5 dried prunes and a gla__s of apple juice in the evening ( after drink at least 3 bottles or more of water through the day ) help out alot.


ma1008 - October 18

apple juice will help, i never thought about the cheese thing. but i like cheese too.... do you think milk might have something to do with it? cause that has become my usual drink.


cynnababy - October 18

drink lots of water! Have you drink prune juice? Also, maybe you can switch your prenatal? My doctor gave me some samples that has stool softener in them.


tish212 - October 18

I use strawberry applesauce...2 cups a day and starwberry yogart (can u tell I like strawberries?) and that seems to help a lot in loosening and getting things moving... and yes prenantals can be to blame.... they can also make morning sickness worse...its best if they make u sick to take them at night right b4 bed gl...


Sims1 - October 19

i read somewhere that three spoons of olive oil a day help things. I'm going to try that one out and i'll let you know.


ma1008 - October 19

i think i'll try the strawberry applesauce. i usually take my prenatal at night. it's great how we share our ideas and what seems to work for each other. the olive oil doesn't sound so tasty.. let us know how it works. simms how far along are you now?


Gemini_Girl - October 20

with the colder weather coming in my BF made a pot of home made soup, packed with veg, that got me going and its really good for you too :)


Brendansmom - October 20

My Dr. prescribed prenatal vitamins with a stool softener. It worked wonders!!! I think it was called Citrical.


Sims1 - October 23

ma1008, i'm in my 10th week. how far along are you? can't wait to get through the next two weeks, and to my next ultrasound.



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