Trouble Drinking Water For Ultrasound

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Jess - July 20

I am going for my first ultrasound in 13 days. My instructions are to drink 4 eight ounce glasses of water an hour before the test. I have tried for the last two days to drink that amount of water and can't keep it in for long enough. I am able to drink all of the water, but need to use the washroom within 45 minutes. Does anyone else have this problem or any ideas on how I could overcome this. Thanks in advance for your time and answers.


kara - July 21

Don't drink that much water. I did and I ended up crying because I drank too much and they made me wait in the waiting room for 25 min. When I went back I was crying and couldn't even walk. So I had to go and had an empty bladder for it. Also eat or drink something with some sugar. My daughter was sleeping and kept her legs closed so that she was a suprise.


Charlene - July 21

I am sorry, but this post made me laugh as it brought back vivid memories of my recent ultrasound. I was advised that I needed to drink 5 cups of water an hour and a half prior to my appt. I drank quite a bit, perhaps more than requested and man, did I suffer. I had to stop 3x and pee just a bit to relieve some of the pressure. Every bump in the road hurt and I could barely get out of my car, the pain was so bad. I remember even waddling to the room for my test. Everytime I would stop to pee, I would fill up again with another gla__s - crazy- I think. My tech did a quick ultrasound and then had me empty my bladder completely so she could do the v____al ultrasound. I could barely get off the table, my bladder was so full. i have never been so relieved to pee!! I have seen many pregnant women continue to drink in the waiting room. The less time you have to wait, the better. I wish you all the luck, and perhaps you'll need to empty your bladder just a bit (yes, a bit hard to do, but manageable) before your appt.


Jess - July 21

Thanks ladies for you answers. Does anyone know how much water would be enough? I don't want to not drink enough and have to reschedule. Thanks again for your time.


Charlene - July 21

I was told 5 cups within an hour an a half. Do you get a requisition form for the ultrasound? You could always phone the lab for confirmation and tell them of your troubles keeping all that water in. Good Luck. Funny thing - I just read somewhere that in the 1st trimester you do not need a full bladder for an ultrsound - this was the 1st time I had ever see that - I wonder if it was a typo


Tara - July 21

When I went in for an u/s, I had the same problem. If you have a small bladder, like me, you don't need to drink that much. I think I drank a 21 oz. Coke and a gla__s of water and my bladder was so full by the time I got to the doctor. When the nurse did the u/s she could see how full it was and couldn't believe I held it that long.


Jess - July 23

Charlene, I wonder if what you read about not needing a full bladder was referring to a v____al ultrasound? I know it is not necessary to drink before that one. I will be 10 weeks when I go for mine. Does anyone know if I will have a regular ultrasound or a v____al one? Has anyone else had an ultrasound around this time? Thanks for your time.


stacey - July 23

I always end up in tears about it b/c I feel like I am going to pee myself. I'd end up going to let a little out while I waited for the u/s. Last time I started to drink later- on the way to the u/s which was about 45 minutes before the appt...It worked, so you might try that- drinking 32 oz, but wait later to drink it.


Tarah - July 23

Jess, I just had an ultrasound done last week at 11 weeks and I didn't have to drink anything and all they did was an abdominal u/s not v____al.


Linds - July 23

I am 19 weeks and went for an ultrasound at 12 weeks and it was v____al and i also had one at 18 wks which was abdomenal but i didnt drink water b/c they sent me straight from the doc. and they picture was clear but the baby was sleeping and wouldnt open its legs...hopefully the next one it will let us peek at the goods...



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