Tubal Pregnancy Or Just Too Early

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Ashley - April 9

I went in for a appointment at alocal clinic yesterday. They did an ultrasound and there was no gestational sac. The ultrasound tech didnt seem all too worried, she said it could be a tubal pregnancy or just too early to see...to you all think its too early...heres my info. My cycles are fairly regular, mostly 26-28 days in length. My last cycle was (the first day) March 2nd. I tested positive (with an early response test...) on March 29th. I have had two POSITIVE (in clinic) pregnancy tests. The 31st of March, and yesterday the 7th of April. Alongwith numerous Home pregnacy tests. Had ultrasound yesterday (7th) and no gestational sac was seen. I didnt have any SEVERE Cramping. I've had NO bleeding. I had some weird *pains* earlier on, but they didnt HURT really just uncomfortable, had a pain RIGHT after I found about the pregnancy, on my left side up in my ribs though, I think it was gas pains. I havent bled, and I thought you bled if you miscarried or hada tubal pregnancy. I really am hoping for this baby..... I have no insurance, so no doctor. I did go today and apply for medicade So i'll be getting to a doctor soon. if you have any comments PLEASE REPLY! i have another appointment for an ultra inanother month..buti hate the waiting game.


D - April 9

I hate waiting too.. but unfortunately, it seems we end up doing it a lot! I think it very likely could be too early to see anything. If you start having any sharp cramping or pains on one side, better have it checked out right away for tubal... otherwise, I'm afraid its the waiting game! At my 5w4d appt, the baby and sac were REALLY small. You would have been approx. 5w1d at your appointment, IF you ovulated on time. Sounds to me like your chances are good! Good luck!


to Ashley - April 9

you may want to follow your HCG's. That is the pregnancy hormone found in the blood. In a normal pregnancy those #'s dbl every 2-3days. If they do not dbl. It COULD be a sign of an unhealthy pregnancy or a tubal preg. They may have given you a blood test already at the clinic you went to. If so, you should call to get the first set of #'s so you have something to compare to. Then, if you can afford to pay out of pocket for just the blood test, go to a lab and have them retested. Anyway, that's what I would do if I were in your shoes. You don't want to mess around w/ an ectopic preg. because they are extremely dangerous. If you are feeling any PAIN ( not just a little crampy) Go to the ER right away! Best of luck!



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