Tummy Bulge

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Heidi - March 2

So when does your tummy start to bulge? This is my first pregnancy. I'm at 7 weeks approx. and I'm flat as a pancake. Now will I start to bulge lower in my abdomen near my pubic area or will it be more in my stomach area? I notice my stomach looks fuller but I do stomach crunches so maybe it's a six pack developing! Where I would assume my uterus is, right above the pubic area, is still flat. Just curious! I know everyone is different. I'm 116 lbs so I'm hoping I don't have to switch jeans anytime soon!


lyn - March 2

you are not suppose to do ANY ab exercises when you are pregnant!!!


Heidi - March 2

My doctor told me to go ahead and keep doing what I'm doing as long as I don't overdue it and listen to my body. I've read other women who do stomach exercises while in their first trimester also. It doesn't bother me at all and I don't get pains or cramps from it. I was doing them before I was pg so I didn't think it was a big deal. My doc told me it may help with labor too and keep it up if it's not bothering me. I'm sure in my 2nd trimester I might not be able to. I also don't do actual situps. At the gym we have this thing where it's like a vertical situp. You bring your knees up to your chest so it does't bother me like a regular situp. My back can't handle that, even when I wasn't pg!


maria - March 2

where does the tummy start bulging? lower abdomen or near belly b___ton?


citrouille - March 2

Yes Heidi is right you are allowed to do exercise as long as it is nothing new and that it is something you have been doing for a while. However you should definetly avoid any sport where you could fall and jumping is not good either. As for bulging.. I'm 10 weeks and I'm starting to have trouble doing up my jeans (at home I unb___ton the top part). I've put on a bit of weight, I started out at 123 lbs now I'm 128.. I haven't bulged I've just lost my waist!


Heidi - March 2

I do not do any contact sports. Just 20 minutes at the gym maybe 2 or 3 times a week, or when the morning sickness lets me! Usually I just do the treadmill and then some let exercises and then a few crunches. Nothing that hurts. I don't know where the bulge starts. I a__sumed the lower abdomen but this is my first so I'm clueless! My pants are still nice and loose.


lyn - March 2

My docotor said not to do any ab exercises, yes you can exercise but you dont want to work on your abs because as you get bigger they move to the sides of your belly, and you dont want them to be tight.


Sarah Anne - March 3

I am wondering the same thing that Heidi was asking "Question: So when does your tummy start to bulge? This is my first pregnancy. I'm at 7 weeks approx." Though I am starting to get a pooch right under my belly b___ton, and I am kinda sticking out. So, where do you usually start to bulge?


Kathy - March 3

We all carry differently, some high, some low. At first it just looks like you're putting on weight -a really frustrating stage. My first baby I stopped being able to b___ton my jeans some where around week 11 or 12. I didn't look pregnant for another month or so after that. It also depends on your jeans. I could never get into a high waist pair at this point (now 11 weeks with #3) but low rise jeans sit under the belly. As for sit up, should be fine first trimester, just check with your doc.


Sarah Anne - March 5

I know that everyone is different, but is it normal to feel your tummy harden at 7 weeks? Mine feels really hard, and doesnt like to be touched!!! I heard that most women feel like a little knot in their stomachs around 10 weeks, is this true?


D - March 11

I'm on my first pregnancy and I am 12 weeks. I started bulging at 11 weeks. My baby is actually 1 1/2-2 inches longer than average.


AMB - March 12

I will be 10 weeks on Monday and I already can't b___ton my jeans. Kathy, do you know what the average weight gain is in the first trimester? I started at 107 and now am up to almost 114. My doc ordered an U/S for my 11 week check up and was wondering if that was normal too? I have heard they usually wait longer. Please help! Could it be more than one baby or is this weight gain normal???


Elena - March 12

Gosh, I am only 5 1/2 weeks, but can't b___ton my regular pants already (they were tight on me before the pregnancy). Belly looks bigger too - maybe I will have twins or something :).


Robyn - March 14

I am 8 weeks and I am already having a little bulge, none of my pants fit comfortably. I can b___ton them up but sitting down in them is another story! I have to try to be sly and unb___ton them before I sit down at work and as soon as I get home I am in my jammie pants!


Darcie - March 16

Robyn...I know exactly what you mean! I am 10 weeks and for the past 2 weeks, I have been doing the same thing when I sit at work...sometimes I would forget to zip up when I got up from my desk! I finally bought a pair of maternity pants and I feel so much better.


to sara - March 26

I have a little bulge too under my belly b___ton? how is your bulge doing, is it hard or...? do u think this is where it starts?


HB - March 26

I am almost 6 weeks and my stomache started bulging out at 5weeks. my doctor said it was bloating due to the amount of progesterone in my body. My low rise jeans are the most comfortable to wear because they sit below the belly. I don't even wear my other jeans anymore because it's too uncomfortable.



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