Twins Anybody Else Having These Symptoms

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elturben - October 8

I am 7.5 weeks pregnant with my third baby and have been experiencing extreme tiredness and morning sickness. I was not sick with my previous two but with this one I can hardly climb out of bed without wanting 8 hours more sleep or feeling nauseated. I have heard that fatigue and extreme sickness are signs. Anybody else in the same boat?


Elissa - October 8

Im also 7.5 weeks preg. this is my 1st child but i feel like i can never get enough sleep and always feeling sick its like it never goes away :/ i hope thats not a sign on twins i dont think i can handle more then 1 at a time :/


A - October 8

Many have such fatigue and sickness. It's completely normal, not signs of twins. Congrats.


pregnat with twins - October 9

hello, i am first time pg with twins and i have absolutely no symptoms at all except back pain, and tired and my DH and i are getting on each others nerves, he has pg symptoms too,but i don't have any, good luck, oh yeah at 6weeks is when they found the hearbeat we did a v____al ultrasound and i saw my babies, i am pg thru ivf its been a long journey, i have been trying for about 12 years and God has finally blessed me, with two babies, good luck ladies, oh now i am 7w.


To Pregnant With Twins - October 9

God bless you and your husband!!! 12 years is a long time! I can't imagine the aggravation you must have gone through during all of that time. Congratulations to you both with your twins!!!


pg with twins - October 9

thanks,it has been a rough rd, sometimes i thought it would never happen,it took us splitting up in order for me to have landed a job that covers IVF,I am not sure what i have to look forward to, as far as it being hard, I am 34 and dh is 32,so we are greatful and once again i thank you very much, we are just unsure what we will do if they find another HB.I find out on the 17th at my 8wk u/s.


Anne - October 10

Actually extreme sickness and fatigue IS a sign for twins. I was hospitalized I was so sick. It's called hyperemesis. Ask your doc.


elturben - October 10

Thanks, it's good to know. I just keep hoping that I can keep something more that Jello down soon! Good luck to all!


tara - October 13

hello, i'm 7wks and i feel so sick. I have a 4yr. old and 2yr. old so, this will be my third. I feel like i'm having twins. I'll find out next week.


Margot - October 20

One of the signs that you are haivng twins by watching your hormon levels. If you hormon levels more than doubling every two day. That's a sign.



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