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Lori - April 6

Hi everybody. I think I'm two weeks pregnant but I have yet to take a test. Tomorrow, Thursday i go to the doc's office to get a blood test and urine test. The problem is, I'm on birth control pills. The three parts type not the two parts type. I have no idea if that has anything to do with it, just some extra info. I usually take my pills everyday but not on time. If I wake up at 10am, then I take my pills at 10am. If I wake up at 7am, then I take my pill at 7am. I have been married for a year and three months and this has worked so far. March 18th I forgot my very last pill in my package because I stayed up really late March 17th, like till 2am at a Seafood restaurant. Anyway, I forgot my pill the whole day including some part of Saturday March 19th. I took my very last pill late March 19th which is a Saturday.I am not trying to conceive but I do wish to know if i am pregnant and so I tried to calculate using my agenda a little bit how I could be pregnant if I am. Later on, we read the pill instructions(duh!) and found out that if you miss the last pill, you should not take it (my brand of bcp only) again the next day or asap. You should leave the last pill and then just start your new package like normal on the same day as usual. You have your period and then you start your new package as if you had not missed the last pill. The week of my period, i have to wait about three days for my period to start, to get off the pills enough so I actually bleed. The first day of my period was March 23rd a wednesday. it came a day late because of course I took my last pill a day late. I had my period as usual. Oh, and BEFORE my period I had all my PMS symptons as usual. My usual pms symptoms are sore,big br___ts and mood changes and some bloating, my skin gets better on my period. My skin gets all smooth and clear on my period. Anyway, one week later, after March 23rd which would be March 30th, Wednesday afternoon I started to have sore and tender br___ts. I thought, "Hey! I've already had my period! Why am I having pms symptoms again after my period is a week gone and done with?" those were my first thoughts. My second thoughts were this is some type of harmonal fluke. So I waited and I continued to take pills. From March 30th to today April 6th Wednesday, I've had lots of gas( I could lose my job because of this gas!) and sore and tender big br___ts. I'm using one of my more comftorble bras at the moment. I have gas no matter what i eat. Usually milk, beans, soda, give me gas, the smelly type! But I've practically not drinken milk,soda and I haven't eaten beans etc. What I'm saying is that I've not been eating or drinking things that normally give me gas. Especially milk. Milk makes me bloated and gives me the "smelling gas". I've read that pregnancy slows down your whole digestion tract and that some symptoms of pregnancy are gas. I think we all know that sore/tender big br___ts are also symptoms of pregnancy. During the week of my period, and after I was quite s_xually active. I cannot remember everyday that I was s_xually active with my husband but I do remember that at the end of my period( i have a very short period-three days long or less) right before i started my pills again, I was s_xually active Thursday March 24th. How do I remember this? I looked in my agenda. No! I don't write these things down but looking in my agenda helps me to remember what happened each day etc. I didn't give much important to my sore br___ts till Monday April 4th when it had been going on since March 30th. I thought, "This is too long to be just a harmonal fluke right?", perhaps I'm still wrong but today is April 6th and my br___ts are still sore and tender and bigger. And believe me, I already have the size I want, so it doesn't exact interest me that my br___ts get bigger but oh well. I wake up and they feel heavy and weighty, tender/sore. Sometimes they hurt more, sometimes they hurt less but the tenderness and the feeling of weightyness never goes away. My gas hasn't gone away either. I started to notice that my gas problem was a little different then the usual gas I have when last week, I would go to work without breakfast. All I had before going to work was orange juice and my pills. I have a English class at 8am -9:30am. After my class, I go home again and eat breakfast. Well, before eating breakfast I was having gas. I hadn't eaten anything. Of course it's not the only time I've had gas but it's when I started to notice "Hey, this gas is weird." I also seem to get hungry more often. Yesterday I ate lunch at 2:30pm( The time people eat lunch in Spain) and at 7:30pm I was hungry as a horse again. Usually I'm not hungry till 9pm at least. People here eat late like at 10pm to 11pm. I went to a meeting at 8:30pm last night, hungry still. I hadn't had time to eat something because I was so exhausted. Yesterday I woke up at 6am because I could not sleep. I usually wake up at 7am and go to bed at 10:30pm which gives me a good amount of sleep. Even if I wake up at 6am, still I get 7.30 hours of sleep. I went to work yesterday super alert. I came home at 10am super tired. My eyes felt heavy and just, I wanted to close them all the time. So I took an hour and a half nap before lunch. After lunch I feel tired again, the same fatigue in the eyes, you just want to sleep. So, I took another hour nap and woke up to go to work again. I come home from work at 6:30pm again and again I feel this overwhelming need to sleep. My eyes were so heavy and tired. So when I went to the meeting that I had at 8:30pm, I was hungry, tired, and hot. I was wearing the same thing I had worn earlier in the day when the temperture was actually hotter but at 9:30pm I was hot as if it were 5pm here. I felt like I was going to faint during that meeting. I was so light headed the whole time, that was the longest meeting I have ever had in my life. I eat dinner and fall asleep like a log. Another thing, my skin looks great. It looks as if I were going to have my period again. Most of all, the big symptom that I've been having is the sore/tender br___ts for a whole week now. This can't be some type of harmonal fluke right? I mean if you have all these symptoms and on top of that your br___ts are sore and big a whole week and they still are, that must mean your body is doing some extra right? Some people have told me that if I think I am pregnant, I should go off my pills. If i go off my pills before testing tomorrow at 10am in the morning( Spain time) and before I find out the results of the blood test, my husband will be very unhappy. He told me not to do anything like that without telling him. He is afraid that I am not pregnant and that I'll go off the pills thinking I am, and then what will we do? Wait a month till we can be s_xually active again, two months? I feel confused. I want to go off my pills because if I am pregnant, even though I didn't plan the "baby", I wouldn't want to lose it just because I was stupid enough to continue taking pills. Could I really harm my baby if I continue on my pills just a few more days to see what results the tests come out with? Tomorrow I go to take the tests and it will only take a few days to get the results back from the laboratories where they send my urine and blood to. Next week I should get the results. What would you do? Even though I didn't plan, I did want a baby one day and I would be very happy to have one. even now. I just don't want to do anything stupid, whether that be going off the pills or continueing to take them. My husband wouldn't mind having baby either, in fact he smiles when he thinks about it. he just afraid that I'm not pregnant and I think I am and I go off pills....and I really do get pregnant. What do you guys think? ( by the way, I'm not Spanish, I just live in Spain for the moment.) Oh and here, those pregnancy tests you all talk about, the ones you buy in Wallmart etc, here each test costs 10 buck each and you can only buy them in the farmacies. You can't just to a "wallmart" here and buy a pack of three for $14 bucks. The only place I know you can buy them is in the farmacy.


advice - June 13

u have no responses because u wrote a BOOK!


Yiffit - June 13

I gave up in the gas section but I can tell you... no pregnancy test will work at 2 weeks. Unfortunately, you will have to wait a while longer! Hang in there!


ANGIE - June 13

if you are 2 weeks past your period, that would be 6 weeks pregnant, not 2....1 week past your period you are 5 weeks pregnant....anyway, I would still go to the pharmacy and buy a test...10$ is worth it to know if you are pregnant or not. I would say you are probably not...missing a pill can do funky things to your body, which could be causing your b___st symptoms. But I would just get a pregnancy test if I were you. The kind I use here the US are 2 for 14$, so that is 7$ a test...that isn't much cheaper than 10$


stephanie - June 14

I thought what you wrote was adorable. I'm having the exact same symptoms, minus the gas(thank goodness), and am pretty positive I conceived on June 5, 9 days ago. God bless you.....all children are a gift from God, and in His sovereignty, if He has blessed you with a baby to carry to term now, you will have him/her. It's all in His wonderful Hands. Talk to Him and He will help you. Ask Him and He will guide you; He knows, we do not. I'll pray for you right now. God bless and keep you, in Jesus' Name.


LOL! - June 15




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