Two Yolk Sacs

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Samoria - January 18

So I went in for my first early ultrasound, and they said I was 6wks. They saw one baby with a heartbeat and a yolk sac. Then she said she saw a second yolk sac. "A second structure, that looks like a yolk sac." She sent me in for another in-depth ultrasound in the Radiology Dept. I had that scan today, and the tech wouldn't let me see the images or tell me anything. The tech said only my doctor could tell me what it was.. and that was that. Now I'm stuck waiting for my doctor to tell me what it is! Anyone ever have a structure that looked like a second yolk sac? What could it be? A twin? A cyst? Anyone have any idea?


adorr04 - January 18

i just had an ultrasound last week and im only about 4 weeks along and they saw two yolk sacks. but couldnt see any heartbeats yet. too early. and my doc was like it could be twins. but with my first child they saw the same thing and one was a blood clot? i dont know what the odds of having one of those is though. and i had a miscarriage in july and i had one sac with baby and a golf ball size cyst and they didnt ever mistake it for another yolk sac? so i dont know if that helps you out at all. i go in this wed. for another ultrasound to hopefully see whats going on.


bernadetteoc - January 18

Well since you're still 6 weeks I think that's pretty early so I don't know if they always see the heartbeat. It sounds to me like it might be twins but I'm no expert lol Keep us posted on what the doctor says!


Samoria - January 18

Ya, I'll keep ya posted. I'm just going nuts here. Trying to wait until tomorrow to call.... but going crazy in the meantime! Twin or something serious?? Argh. It's cruel to make someone wait like this! :P


mrs.b - January 19

I am pregnant and just found out i have a cyst on my right ovary. It didn't look like a yolk sac at all. I would guess twins!!


bernadetteoc - January 19

Did you hear anything yet Samoria? I'm keeping you in my prayers! Let us know when you find out.


Samoria - January 20

Well, someone else from the doctor's talked to me today about something totally unrelated to the ultrasound... I asked if she could at least read me the notes made. She said "no second yolk sac found." But at least I have one happy, fetus with a heartbeat. So... I guess whatever it was is gone now?


bernadetteoc - January 22

I'm so glad you have your healthy baby! That's great news Samoria!


cyclemom - January 22

That's great that you have one with a heartbeat! I had a D&C last September and during the ultrasounds they saw evidenceof two sacks. Only one ever had a heartbeat though. The Dr. thought that this time I might havetwo again b/c my HCG levels are crazy high, but there was only one this time on the ultrasound. When are you due?



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