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mgn - October 6

ok, 11 weeks here and could not take the headaches and neck pain anymore. i have serious neck problems and before finding out i was pregnant i took pain medication like advil all the time. when i found out i was preggers i stopped EVERYTHING but now that i am almost to my 2nd tri and feeling at my wits end i broke down and took 1 tylenol 2 days ago and 2 tylenol about 1 hour ago. guess what? i am feeling so bad and so guilty and feel like a bad mother and worried i might have hurt the baby. my doc said it is safe, but why do i feel like it is bad? anyone take tylenol and all was ok? any comforting stories? thanks mgn


beardtl - October 6

I am in my 12th week and have tried very hard not to take any meds since week 4 but lately-this last week the headaches are horrible! last night I couldn't take it any more and dh got up at 3 a.m. to go downstairs and get my tylenol. (he's the best) Today has been the same story- woke up with a headache at 8 a.m. and I still have a headache- i feel so bad about taking meds and my dr says its ok but I too feel so guilty but honestly i'm to the point where i have to be comfortable and able to rest properly so i will take one tylenol when I just can't take it anymore. I think we'll be fine!!


jennifer_33106 - October 6

OH NO!!! Dont you guys worry about taking Tylenol. I too felt extremely guillty the first time I had to take it. I had a two day headache and had to have some pain relief. I am in my 20th week and everything is fine. Tylenol is the safest medication to take. When we can take so few things during pregnancy to ease the discomfort be happy to be able to take something. Pregnant women worry about so much as it is. Did I stand to near the microwave? Was my shower to hot? I drank a soda, now is my baby gonna come out ADHD!? Dont worry and stress. I have learned through the movements of my baby that my mood effects my child. When I am upset or worrying over something the baby is more active kicking me. Mabe because I am causing him/her to stress? Just relax and remember you are doing your best and there is nothing wrong with taking pain relief. It doesnt make you and less of a mother or a a bad mother by any means!!


kay101 - October 6

Oh honey! Don't feel bad! Tylenol is perfectly safe because it has no anti-infamitory ingredients like things like asprin, motrin, and aleve do. If the two of you are having headaches I also suggest drinking a small cup of coffee. It's perfectly ok to have up to 2 cups a day. I personally fill the cup half full and dilute it with creamer because I can't stand the taste! But caffine can really help with headaches. They also have products such as headon you can use, I think all it has in it is menthol and it makes your head feel cool (not one of my personal favorites) and there are also these bekool stick on patches for your forehead. Try turning on the faucet in the tub and letting hot water run over your head and temple. It can help the constricted blood vessels open up. Feel better and don't worry!


pbj - October 7

Don't worry, you and your LO are totally fine. I took tylenol throughout my 1st pregnancy and I have a wonderful 2 yr old. I agree, stress will harm your baby more than tylenol ever could.


jazminesmom - October 7

tylenol is the safest thing while pregnant, everything should be fine.


cynnababy - October 7

tylonel is fine. my doctor told me that all tylonel products are safe. I took tylenol pm several nights ago when i had bad headache and can't sleep. I know a lot of pg friends that took tylenol during pg and everything is well with their babies.


ChattyKathy - October 7

Many doctors will tell you, if you have pain the only thing you CAN take is tylenol. Don't worry. Trust your doctor.


mgn - October 7

thanks. u gals are so sweet. i did feel better today so i think the tylenol was just what i needed. these headches are killing me! i am so excited to almost be in my 2nd trimester! one week to go! take care all thanks again


beardtl - October 7

Thx everyone- I actually took Kay101's advice- I didn't drink coffee but i did drink half of a 12 oz soda and suprisingly enough my headache went away :) (caffeine withdrawl maybe) so thx Kay101 and also thx for all the Tylenol advice.



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