U S At 7 Weeks Fetus Small Have To Have Another U S

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Worried - November 9

I went for an U/S on Friday - I was 7 weeks exactly. We could see the heartbeat and the radiologist said it was tiny. I didn't care once I could see the heartbeat. My Dr's office rang on Monday and told me I had to go for another U/S on Friday 18th as the fetus looked very small for the dates that I had given. I know my dates are right. I rang the nurse for some reassurance and she told me not to worry. Of course I have been driving myself crazy and have now convinced myself that my symptoms (nausea and tender br___ts) are gone. Has anybody out there had this experience? I hope the news is good - I appreciate any thoughts on this.


Lauren - November 9

my embryo measured smaller than my dates by about 1 - 1/2 weeks and i went on to miscarry a week later. HOWEVER, we didn't have a heartbeat. Did they tell you what the HB rate was - if it's slow (I think below 100-120 or so), that is something to worry about. Ask them to start measuring your HCG as well - that could be done before the second scan. They will take your blood and then again 2 days later - the HCG should double. Good luck - there are lots of happy stories out there from similar circ_mstances so don't give up hope.


heather - November 9

hello well the same thing happened to me. hears my story ok well i went in for my first apptment at what i thought was 7 weeks 3 days and the doctor was like lets do an ultrasound so we did. he looked at the ultrasound were you could't see anything but hazzy gray things ( no baby) so he asked me about my dates if they were right and of course they are i have bin tracking them of ever now.. so .. he measures the sack it measured 5 weeks to the day. he said you really dont see much at 5 weeks.. I was crushed what did that mean.. he said I must of ovulated late and its quite normall ( thats why they say you can go 2 weeks late or 2 weeks early nothings egzact) so I went into my 2nd appt last friday and saw my baby hurd the hart beat and pushed my due date up by 1 day not much but hay im happy with it.. p.s the babys hart beat was 160 my doctor is happy with that if hes happy im happy.. so in cunclushion dont worry you just might fall under the same catigory as me late ovualion.. hope this helps if you have any more questions just ask ok..bye


heather - November 9

sorry I forgot one thing i know am 9 weeks 6 days.. yee haw... good luck


Worried - November 9

Hey Lauren and Heather thank you both very much for your replies. The radiologist seemed to think that I would be back in 4 weeks and didn't seem concerned. It's funny, she said "faint heartbeat" and I latched on to the word faint and DH says it's okay he saw the heartbeat. I rang the nurse yesterday and she seemed surprised that I had seen a heartbeat and went off to check the results but in the conversation I forgot to get it. I am beginning to feel queasy this afternoon - who would have thought that I could be so happy but my b___st tenderness has completely gone - very strange. I am clinging to hope and wish I wasn't so obsessed. I am so sorry to hear your story Lauren and I wish you well in the future. Thank you too, Heather and I hope all continues to go well. I will keep you posted.


Worried - November 22

Hi there, I just want to let you know that I went for the scan on Friday and unfortunately there was nothing there. I was absolutely devastated. I went to the doctor yesterday and he said that the embryo was measuring for 5 weeks in the first scan, I knew my dates were not out by two weeks but I didn't know that there was such a big discrepancy. I go for my D&C tomorrow morning and feel so sad and really upset with my body. It just feels so unfair.


Elle - November 22

I'm so sorry! This is so sad to hear. There's nothing so devastating. Remember, you are not alone--so many of us have suffered this, too. Good luck to you.



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