U S At 7wks And No Baby

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Maria - September 23

I had an u/s today to date my pregnancy. Based on my ovulation date (I was charting my temperature,) I am 7wks 5 days today. It's possible my ovulation date could be off by a few days, but not more than that because hubby and I haven't been intimate since right before I ovulated. My ultrasound was done with the trans-va___al thing and all they were able to see was the yolk & gestational sac. Everything I've read says that there should be a fetus with a heart beating visible by now. I'll probably have a 2nd ultrasound next week, the tech seems to think it was just too early in my pregnancy still. Has anyone else had this happen and had a baby show up at the next ultrasound? I'm worried just because I'm sure that I am at least 7wks along. Any tips/experiences would be appreciated.


Cyndi - September 23

Well I am 6 weeks and Monday Im getting a us and I am hoping to see a heartbeat, my last pregnancy ended in a m/c. I had a us a week ago and there was just a sac and the yolk, I am very scared I wont see anything I know how you feel. Keep me updated and I will keep you updated.


Cathy - September 23

Maria, That has also happened to me the first u/s I had showed the Sac but no baby and the doctor said I was probably off with my dates so I went in for another and they seen the fetus. the first time I went in I was only 3 or 4 weeks I was really early then I got my second one when I was 6wks 4days. I am sure you'll see the fetus in the next u/s


angelbaby - September 24

I would definitely go in another week or so. I will offer up one possibility that I experienced the first time I got pregnant. It's called a chemical pregnancy. What happens is the egg is fertilized, sends the message to the body, and then for whatever reason the egg continues to develop. The body doesn't get the message for weeks and weeks and continues to develop the sac and you can still have pregnancy symptoms. Unfortunately, this scenerio is a miscarriage, but the most common and least threatening. I am sending a prayer your way that this is not the case, but be prepared and know that it is nothing to cause concern. Women in this case can get pregnant again right away with no problems. This is what I had and it was diagnosed after 8 weeks when no baby could be found in my sac.


angelbaby - September 24

I mistyped something in my previous email. I meant to say that the egg DOESN'T continue to develop. Sorry about that! Good luck!



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