U S Negative Can I Be Pregnant

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25guessing - January 18

Hi, I've tried asking in the General Question forum, but I didn't get any response. So, please help ya? My last period came on 16 Nov 2004. I've done many hpt, and in the last week, I did 5! 3 came back with very faint positives, 2 were clearly negative. I went to my doctor, who did a ultrasound and a va___al scan, both showed nothing! I've had experience twice, a stabbing pain in my tummy area... but each time, the pain came and went in like 2 secs. I've had a flu-like sinus congestion the past week, but am feeling normal now. Can I be pregnant? Somehow? I'm hoping I'm pregnant, but each day, I feel less and less sure. My period still has not come, and I'm just hoping now...


sarah - January 18

If they did an ultrasound and everything they would have been able to tell if you were pregnant.


ekay - January 18

Try getting a beta blood test.


Diane - January 19

Have your ovaries looked at for the possibility of cysts. I had them and the pain you are referring to was the same.


25guessing - January 19

Hey Diane, CYSTS? The pain just came suddenly, it was sharp and quick. The possibility of a cyst did occur to me... but if it was, wouldn't that show up on the u/s or v/s as well? Oh dear...


parvelle - January 20

Hi...I recently had a cyst removed. And I am kind of in the same boat. My last period was also Nov. 16, and I haven't had one since. I had lots of tests done and they are all neg, but I am hoping. Anyway...the pain I had from the cysts were similar to what you describe. It would show up on the ultrasound or v____al scan. Hope you get it figured out.


pene - January 20

Hi, My llmp was about 10 december and i have had 5 positive hpt but have had some bleeding so went for an ultrsound at what i thought was 6 weeks but they say they cant see anything. maybe it is just too early i dont have any bleeding or cramps so am getting hcg levels checked to see any increase .


Mel - January 21

I had an ultrasound because I had a positive test & nothing showed up. I was sent for another 2 weeks later & it showed I was 7 weeks pregnant. So it is possible that the pregnancy may not have yet shown up. But a blood test would confirm.


pene - January 21

thanks mel, I have has a blood test and it is 2040 so i know i am pregnant. basically the ultrasound woman told me i had a very slim chance and because of the bleeding i was more likely to miscarry so have been fretting ever since. I am having another blood test today so hopefully that will show an increase. all i can say is that maybe it is not worth it going for such and early us. iguess i will go for another at 7 weeks and see what shows up, my gut feeling is that maybe i ovulate late in my cycle and the implantation took place quite late.. heres hoping!


25guessing - January 22

*sigh* took a hpt this morning... negative. i'm just so irritable and confused... i just wish i know 1 way or the other. so... i'm giving myself 1 more week, and if still no period, i'm going to get a blood test! and to you girls who have a positive, congrats! and those who are waiting... don't give up!



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