Uh Oh I Cheated

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k - August 20

Can anyone please help me with my conception date? I had s_x with two different men in July. My boyfriend and I had regular s_x throughout the month but July 29th I had a one night stand with a friend. I took a prenancy test August 2nd and it was negative, but I took another test Aug. 5th and it was a faint positive. I took another test a few days later and it was very positive. Is there any chance this baby could be the other man's. The test I used detects 40 mius of hcg.


D - August 20

If you had s_x July 29th and tested with a test that tests for 40ml hcg you were most likely pregnant before July 29. When was your last period?


sj - August 20

That's the thing my menstrual cycles are pretty irregular and I can't remember my first day of my last period. I thought it was at the end of June or early July.


kira - August 20

hi sj i was in the same situation 2 yrs ago if you want to talk to me my email is [email protected] give you all the advice that i can. dont worry its not as bad as you think it can be. trust me i know


SB - September 9

We are supposed to be here for support...stop judging people.


swanofspeedys - September 10

K,a part from the worry of "who the father is" you need to to tested as soon as possible for S_xually Transmitted Diseases such as H.I.V,there are lots of infections that can put your Life and your babies life at risk,no matter what the circ_mstances of your childs conception,you both deserve to be happy and healthy,best of Luck and Bless you and your baby.


Bump! - September 10



to K - September 10

It's easier to figure out if you can tell us when the first day of your last period was....do you know?


to K - September 10

Sorry I didn't realize that you changed your name within the post....do you have a general idea of when it was (the last two days of june/first two of july?)


beth - September 13

for the test to come up the way it did, sounds like it is ur boyfriends. i dont think it would of came up so soon. go get tested asap.


Heather - September 14

If you concieved on July 29th you would have had a positive test around Aug. 11th at the earliest. To recieve a positive test Aug 5th you would have concieved around Aug. 24th. Hope this helps!


v - September 18

hCG usually can't be detected in our urine until about 12-14 days after conception (at the earliest). So you probably would have concieved around july 23rd or 24th.



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