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Casey - September 13

My first pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage at 5 weeks. No idea why. I just got pregnant again. I am 5 /2 weeks along. My HCG levels were 99 a week ago. This week they are 1330. The Dr. is very happy. He also has me on progesterone. I go it for an Ultrasound at 7 weeks. I am so excited to hear the heartbeat. One of my friends keeps telling me to not get my hopes up becasue there might not me a heartbeat, and I could miscarry again. I have no spotting or anything. I keep telling my self this time I am going to stay pregnant. I know she is just trying to make me be realisitc so it won't hurt so bad if I do miscarry again. Is it really that common to not hear a heartbeat with no other signs?


jojo - August 26

my best friend went to the doc at 9 weeks and she couldnt hear the heartbeat then. bigger people usually have to wait longer


Deborah - September 13

Not sure


CJ - September 13

We couldn't hear a heartbeat at my first v____al ultrasound at 7.5 weeks. They say it's too early to be able to hear it. But we could see the heart beating through the monitor. But at my 12 week appointment, we could actually hear the hearbeat through a doppler. So you may not be able to hear it at your 7-wk ultrasound, but hopefully can at least see it to rea__sure you that things are okay. Take it easy and good luck. Be sure to keep us posted!


Lori Scarbrough - September 28

It is common not to hear the heart beat. But don't get dicouraged it is common this early on in the pregnancy. If you go for an ultra sound you can SEE the babies heart beat.


Jen - September 29

I just found out that I am pregnant also! Although I did have a miscarriage before this pregnancy at 10 weeks. When I went in for the heart beat we couldn't pick it up at 7 weeks, but when they did the ultra sound we were able to pick it up with that...Try not to stress...Even though I am worried I am very optomistic..good luck and keep us posted on your progress..Congrats! =)


bob - October 1

It is hard to hear a heartbeat at 5 weeks. Wait a little longer.



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