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Katie - September 20

I would be probably about 6-6.5 weeks. I have an ultrasound scheduled for Thursday. My HCG levels last wednesday were 15,000. What are the chances of seeing a heartbeat Thursday? I am very stressed as this is my second pregnancy after having a MC in March. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


bean - September 20

in my opinion - very likely you'll see a heartbeat! I saw mine at 6wks 3dys.


Cathy - September 20

I saw a heartbeat at 5w6d.


Tray - September 20

I saw the heartbeat at 6 weeks. You'll probaby see it and if you don't as long as the HCG is still going up it is most likely okay. Some say they didn't see the heartbeat until 8 weeks. Good luck!


Katie - September 22

Just to let you all know I just came back from my us and they saw a heartbeat. yiippeee, I totally freaked. I just hope that everything will progress normally now. Does anyone know what the chances of having a mc after seeing the heartbeat is?


bean - September 22

Everything I've read says that the chances of a m/c after seeing a h/b continue to go down throughout the first trimester, until week 13 when they are close to nil. I think I read that if you see the hb in week 7 or 8, you have a 80-something % chance of making it to the 2nd trimester. Although that doesn't sound too comforting... I try to keep telling myself that if I knew I had an 80% chance to win the lottery, would I make the bet? :)


Cyndi - September 23

Once you see a heart beat your % of m/c goes to only 10% I just learned that today = ) I also had a m/c in March and I am almost 6 weeks pregnant I have a us on Monday I am so scared I hope we see a heartbeat


Katie - September 23

To Cyndi, I know exactally how you feel. The only thing I would say to you is 6 weeks may be a little early to see the hb and if you don't see it don't stress. I had my first us this time at 5 weeks and they saw a sac and that was about it. Going 2 weeks later they saw the hb. Please let me know how everything goes as it sounds like we are in about the same situation almost. Take care, and good luck!


Jess - September 24

I went and had my 1st US done and they said I was 7W4D, should have been 8W3D, but they saw a stronge HB of 160. I go back again on Wednesday to find out if it is progressing. THey said the 6 days off is no big deal. I hope so. I too had a m/c in March and didn't find out until I was 10 weeks and baby only measured 7.5. I'm hopeing it all works out and best of luck to you all.


Hi Jess, - September 25

I had the same problem as you too. I went in at 8 weeks 6 days LMP. But the doc said that the baby measured only 8 weeks. but it had a good heartbeat.The doc said thats no big deal. I go in for the next ultrasound only at 13 weeks LMP. I am now 10 weeks and 5 days LMP. I had a m/c in may. So I am relly worried. Please keep us posted on how your next ultrasound goes. -kriti.



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