Ultrasound At 10 Weeks

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Desiree - April 15

Anyone out there had an ultrasound at 10 weeks. I have to go to mine in about a week and 3 days and I am just curious what to expect and if you can really see anything or not. I am a newly wed and going to be a new mommy and I am almost 9 weeks.


J - April 15

Hey there, I'm a first timer too and had my first u/s at 9 weeks (am now 11 weeks). What they'll use is a v____al ultrasound. It's a probe (think long d____o, yipes). It's no more awkward or uncomfortable than a standard gyn exam. Anyway, my dr picked up the baby right away. I could see the general form of a head, torso and beating heart...that's about it, but that's enough! On the machine, the dr. can measure the length of the baby which helps to estimate how far along you are. It's pretty neat. You'll get a printout, which is nice to have, but it's not the same as looking at it on the screen. Good luck!


RG - April 15

I had my first u/s at 8w3d and they did the probe...just as J explained. They picked the baby up right away and it looked like a little b___terbean floating around in a bubble....I could see the flutter of the heartbeat (165) but you cannot hear it with the v____al u/s. If you're 9 weeks, you'll definitely be able to see something.


Jena - April 15

I had my first v____al u/s this week at 6 weeks along. It is NOT bad at all - if you are worried :)... My husband was in the room with me (he knew what to expect but didn't feel weird because he wanted to see the pictures) and it was fine. You'll definitely see the heartbeat and probably more at 10 weeks - I'd be so excited if I were you!! GL!!


js - April 16

I had my first at 9.5 weeks, but they were able to do it on my stomach, no vag u/s here....yippy! I could see the same things, head, torso, little arms moving around, and beating heart. Good Luck to you!


KY - April 18

I'm 8 weeks this Friday & will have my u/s on Saturday. I'm a little worried & excited what would be seen & I hope everything would be fine :)


babyonboard - April 18

just saying hi and congratulations to all those that are close in stage to me..i am 9 weeks 1 day today! with my first baby, i am 22 years old....i too had a v____al ultrasound at 7 weeks 3 days, which wasnt too uncomfortable at all..we saw the baby, head ,body but no limbs yet of course! and the yolk sac which my boyfriend found hilarious (he calls it 'the chick' now) plus a strong heartbeat...i got a picture too which is nice..i am off for another scan at 12 weeks...so hopefuly things will be a bit more clear by then


Desiree - April 18

Thanks everyone. I am really excited. I will be 10 weeks when I go in so I am hoping that they can pick it up. My husband is really excited and I think it will make all the difference when he gets to see the baby.


Desiree - April 21

anyone else have input?


kristy harmon - April 22

hi im eight weeks and had my u/s yesterday. I could not see anything. I am going for another one in two weeks and hope to see a lot more! I have a four year old. When I was pregnant with him they only did one u/s and that was at 20 weeks. This is new to me I hope every thing goes well with you. good luck!!!


Kelly K - April 22

I've had 3 ultrasounds already and I'm just now 12 weeks. My last was Tuesday and I was 11.4 weeks at the time. We couldn't see much with the first 2, but this time we could see arms and legs and a nice face. It's awesome to see the baby moving too.


Steph - April 22

Just had ultrasound # 2 yesterday - at 10w6d. It was AMAZING!!!! The first one was at 6w1d and it took them a couple of minutes to find it...we could see our little dot and the heart beating so fast, this time... we cold see it immediately! We could see the head, torso, arms and legs and it was soooo active. It was the sweetest thing I have ever seen!!! Good luck and enjoy!!!! My husband and I loved it!!!!! We now have 6 pics of the baby!!!!


Gwen - April 22

I had a u/s at 10 1/2 weeks -it looked like the baby was dancing all oer-it is amazing!!!


Lynn - April 23

I ha my first u/s this past week too. I was 8w2d. we saw everything fine. Perfect little baby, arm buds, leg buds, heard & saw the heartbeat @ 179 bpm... it was absolutely awesome!


Adele - May 6

Hi, I am 9 wk 5 days. I had my first ultrasound at 8 wk 6 days and saw baby & heard heartbeat!!! 171!!!! Very excited. God bless!



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