Ultrasound Can Harm The Baby

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Lilly - March 27

I read some articles on the internet, saying that ultrasound may harm the brain development of the baby. Make me so worried. I'm 12 wk preg, and have had 3 u/s already. Here's one of the article that I read: http://www.mercola.com/2001/dec/19/ultrasound.htm


Kim - March 27

I have not read anything about this but I was talking to my brother about this yesterday because my sister-in-law had very frequent ultrasounds during her pregnancy last year after have 2 m/c's. My brother is a Doctor and his good friend was their ob/gyn. I asked him about harm from frequent ultrasounds since my Doctor does them often too and he said that there is absolutely no basis for that. He is not an ob/gyn but he spent months researching everything when they were pregnant and I trust his opinion. I wouldn't worry too much but you might to share your concerns with your Doctor at your next visit.


lilmum - March 27

i was told ultrasounds were fine too. I actually had ultrasound on my hand during physiotherapy (had a break that refused to heal and muscles started to die while in cast). The physiotherapist said it can actually help heal bones and used for a few weeks. (same type we used with baby but no pictures, just used ultrasound waves) But it always made me wonder what effect it could have on a fetus. (has anyone else heard of or had this done??)


Lilly - March 27

Thanks Girls!! You helped ease my mind. The Doctor ordered a Level 2 u/s for me to be done later around 16-18 wk.


S - March 28

Hi...there is really no serious harm for fetus after multi-U/S, although one research in Australia discovered that it could cause a little bit lower birth weight. Also, u/s can be a bit uncomfy for a baby,becuase the mechanical waves transmitted by it,although not heard by normal ear in the air, can be really loud for fetus. It is because transmission of short waves from air/not heard by ear, too high frequency/ to amniotic fluid where it converts to longer wave lenghts/and thus lower energy heard by ear/ sound terribly loud. But never heard about brain damage or so....this was proved for cell phones...but not u/s waves.



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