Ultrasound Findings

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abi_77 - October 23

I went for my ultrasound today and the tech refused to show me anything. She showed me the pictures she took after the procedure and gave no explanation. I am suppose to be 11 weeks. Several times during the procedure she asked me to hold my breath and release. What is she trying to assess? I would appreciate any answers on this question? I am really nervous.


Stephanie_31 - October 24

Did you call tha doctor that ordered the u/s? They should be able to tell you the findings.


abi_77 - October 24

I got the bad news today. My baby died at 9.5 weeks. After two normal, I mean absolutely no problem ultrasounds. My baby died at 9.5 weeks. Mother knows best. I knew something was wrong. My husband kept saying everything will be OK. But I was not able to shake the bad feeling off of me. I have scheduled my D/C for tomorrow. This is my third loss. I hope to have a baby someday. Thank you all for your support.


fefer1 - October 24

I'm so sorry!!! That must have been such awful news. Are you doing ok? I don't know if it will help, buy hy husbands ex wife had nearly a dozen miscarriages before she had twins. I'm sure you will have a healthy baby soon!! Don't give up!


abi_77 - October 25

Thanks fefer. I got my D & C today. Hope I can forget all of this and move on soon. Can't wait to overcome my depression.


ShoppingForTwo - October 25

Hello Abi, I am so sorry about your loss! That's absolutely horrible and I'm deeply saddened that you and your family have had to indure that pain 3 times. My daughter pa__sed away the day after birth at 24 weeks in June and struggle with it even day. I just found out I'm pregnant again yesterday, and I'm absolutely horrified! I just try to remember that I have no control over misscarriage but I can take charge of the problem that I do know I have and that's an incompetent cervix. In all of my future pregnancies I will worry until the day my baby is safely in my arms and out of the womb. I'm a member of the private group called spals, you should check it out. It stands for subsequent pregnancy after a loss support. The women there have helped me tremendously and I talk to them everyday. There are some who have had 10 miscarriages, there are stories of hope and mircales, there is someone you will relate to that can show you some insight and we all learn from eachother. Ill keep you in my prayers.


ARD - October 26

Bless your heart. You're in my prayers. I know this may not be any help, and may not make you feel better, but this too shall pa__s and become easier to deal with. I've not experienced this, but who's to say I won't one day. I'm 8 weeks and scared to death everyday. I can not imagine your heartbreak. Please know your time will come to have that baby you've always wanted. Just know these situations, as awful as they are, were meant to happen, so stay positive and know things will get better....much love to you.....



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