Ultrasound Heart Beat HELP

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KMo311 - June 9

i just got back from my ultrasound to get my dates. they said i was 5w6d. they told me to go and wait in the waiting room so she could talk to the doctor and she will be right back. she told me that they want me back in 2 weeks so they can do another one to double check that the dates are right. anyways when i got home i looked at the ultrasound and it said the babe only had a heart beat of 89bpm isn't that really slow. i am freaking out. what are they not telling me. please tell me what your hbt's were at that time.


frankschick2001 - June 9

If I remember correctly, my u/s showed a heartbeat around 130bpm when I had just turned 6 weeks. Don't panic, it is a very good sign that a heartbeat has been detected. Did they say they consider that slow or that you should be worried?


KMo311 - June 9

i din't even notice that written on the ultrasound until i got home. she told me that she could see it beating on the u/s but when she tried to do the squiggly lines on the bottom. they didn't move until she had me hold my breath for a few seconds. so when i left i was thinking they couldn't even get one yet, too soon. now i am worried it was because it wan't strong enough.


Kira_lynn - June 9

When i went for my u/s i was 5w4d and they only saw a gestational(sp) sac and no heartbeat. The said it was too early and that to detect a heartbeat they (u/s tech) dont measure until 7weeks. Sooo i went back at 8 weeks (cause of bleeding) and saw a heartbeat of 180bpm. Then at 11weeks 187bpm. When my mom was having my brother they didnt see a heartbeat till 8weeks and her dates were correct. She was very worried but 2 weeks later there it was but very low at 100bpm. Hes fine and healthy and 11 now. Dont be tooo scared, there are always some 'unexpected' things that happen that docs cant explain!


frankschick2001 - June 9

I think when you have something to be concerned about they will let you know. If not, don't hesitiate to call the back AGAIN and get the answers you want. Ask them point balnk if this is something that should be of concern.


alexandra33 - June 9

Hi- KMo- I would not be worried at all. As previous posters said, sometimes hb cannot be detected until even 7-8 weeks! Baby dust!


pattford - June 9

the heart just started beating. It doesn't just start in the 100's. It starts somewhere near your normal rate and increases by like 3 beats per day. In two weeks, it'll be 130 or more. Mine was 118 at 7 weeks. I was nervous. I went at 10 weeks and it was 178. You heard the heartbeat very early. I'm sure it's just getting started.


KMo311 - June 10

Thank you ladies, you made me feel better. it's really nice to have this site to bounce our questions and concerns around. I have to wait weeks for my next ultrasound to see any changes. congrats to all of you. when is everyone else due?


Cocozen - June 13

Mine was the same way kind of. for my first ultrasound(5w) they made me go back 2 weeks later so I would be 7 weeks. Then at 7 weeks I heard the heart beat just fine with 152bpm. It's different for me though because I know they are off in their weeks. ;] bad doctors! They can be so indescriptive. I remember she told me "I can't see the baby" and I started crying...then she said "No I mean it's too early to see it". So, don't get worked up over bad communications! Thank god for online forums =D.


J. - June 28

I am in the situation. I went for u/s at 6 wks 5 days and heart rate was only 83 and baby measuring 6wks. I am scheduled to go back tomorrow (10 days later) for another u/s. Freaking out! I will let you know how it turns out.


Suzy0117 - June 28

I had a really similar question. I went in for an u/s on Monday and, at 6 weeks 1 day, the bpm was 97. The ultrasound tech said that while it seemed slow, it was in the normal range for the same reason pattford gave. Any new news, KMo311?



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