Ultrasound Measurements And Dating

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lisa - November 29

hi, i did an ultrasound today, but the technician was very rude and didn't explain anything to me. all she said that she sees the baby and the heartbeat, but she wouldn't tell me what the heartbeat is. the baby measures 8 mm. is there a way to find out what is my due date from the size? if she saw the baby, does this mean everything is ok and the miscarriage is unlikely? i am very worried about everything because i don't have any pregnancy symptoms! thanks! lisa


hi lisa! - November 29

if you see the heartbeat (or if the technitian (sp) did for that matter), then your chances of miscarriages are greatly reduced. i hope that helps some, i am not too sure about the size, but i know at my u/s the baby was an inch long, so that put me around 9 weeks 5 days, i hope that helps you some. good luck, and you should be ok! have you tried giving your doctor a call to let him/her know of your concerns? take care!


N - November 29

When I had my u/s, the baby measured at 7mm and they put me at 6 weeks 4 days. I also have heard that the risk of miscarriage is reduced once the heartbeat is detected. I would talk to my doctor and let him/her know that you were not shown the heartbeat. That is one of the most exciting things to see! Good luck and congrats!


Nikki - November 29

I wonder if you had the same tech I did- I felt like she was so rude, she wouldn't say ANYTHING. Then I realized, maybe she can't, since she's not the doctor.


Laura - November 30

I had the same problem with the technician who did my ultrasound. I think she thought that I was going to terminate the pregnancy because of my age, she didnt say a word to me, you're lucky I had to wait 2 weeks before I got the ultrasound report sent to me before I found out that my baby even had a heartbeat. When my baby was 5mm they put me at 6 weeks and 4 days. From the book im reading if your baby is 8mm you should be about 7 weeks. Dont worry about not having symptoms im now 18 weeks and I have had no symptoms except hating anything to do with red meat and I used to love it so much. Hope this helps :)


Cabbie - November 30

At my six week ultrasound, I measured 5mm which put me at 6w 2d, then at my next ultrasound it measured 25mm which put me at 9w 2d. Once a heartbeat is located and the heartrate is over 110 (I think), your chance of miscarriage is like 5%. This is what I have read anyway.



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