Ultrasound On 1st Dr S Visit

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Christina - November 25

Going in for first dr's visit tomorrow. Will he give me an ultrasound? I thought the first visit only involved taking a bunch of tests. I think I'm between 5 - 6 weeks pregnant.


Summer - November 25

I had an ultra sound on my first appointment. =) It was really exciting! Just be prepared to give blood and do yet another pee test.. You'll be tired of those by the time you are done =) and its probably going to be the longest appointment of your life.


Christina - November 25

hi Summer, I'm glad to see you had a positive experience! Many people who have posted to this site who have had ultrasounds at around 6 weeks say they couldn't hear the heartbeat or couldn't see the fetus in the yolk sac (and it seems like a lot of the time, these issues arise because the pregnancy isn't far along enough). So I was just worried that if I had an ultrasound on my first visit, that these problems would occur to me too, fueling my worry needlessly. Note to self: Stop reading about miscarriage right before going to Dr. :-)


Rachelle - November 26

Hey, its 100 % normal. I had a sonogram done at my first visit, you might even already hear the heartbeat depending what week you're in, trust me its the most exciting moment when you hear your baby's heartbeat, what a miracle!! It's not an uncomfi procedure so nothing to worry about! Be positive, don't worry yet about the yolk sac, hopefully all's fine, just try to relax and take life easier, look after yourself, things will be fine, keep me posted how it went! Good Luck and all the very best [email protected]


tina - November 30

I had an u/s done at 6 weeks. Doc could not see the foetus. It is very scary. But I feel he needn't have done one in haste and make me worry like this. Doctors normally wait till 8-10 weeks to do an u/s. I have to wait a couple of weeks in complete anxiety now. Summer, did he do an u/s afterall?



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