Ultrasound Results GREAT

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Tasha - February 20

So I had my first ultrasound yesterday...they saw the heartbeat!!! Im sooooo relieved! Its really high too, 186...but thats normal for such a little bean. Im only 8 weeks and a few days so not much to see on the screen but a little circle. I get to go again in a few weeks for the screening test. Then we'll get to see more!! Just really excited its all good....this is our second and I think I was more parinod with this one than our first. I read too much about problems though...so this is a little postive reinforcement for all the ladies waiting...and my symptoms were so much less with this one!! Thanks for listening ladies!


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - February 20

Thats great to hear, I am 10w 2d but no u/s yet. Won't get one til around 20w. Also I'm glad your symptoms aren't so bad...mine are far worse then when I had my daughter


mjvdec01 - February 20

Isn't it wonderful to see that first ultrasound. I am so happy that everything looks great. I am 18 weeks and tomorow afternoon go in for another ultrasound to find out the s_x. My husband and I are very excited. We have a two year old daughter and would both love to have a son...but, you get what you get and we will be happy either way. Again, congratulations to you.


Bumblebee - February 20

Nerdy - Why do u have to wait till 20w for u/s? Your choice or... ? Anyway congrats to you all. I was so excited to see it during our u/s last week and well, there was nothing. But when you describe your excitement at seeing the h/b , I can just feel the happiness and excitement. I hope I will feel that soon.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - February 20

My doctor said he wants to wait til then, it was his choice. I wanted one around 11w like I did with my daughter


Bumblebee - February 22

Did he say why at 20, and not earlier? That is very curious. Thanks...


cherryzz08 - February 22

I would tell your doctor that you want one.


Nita_ - February 22

yay!! Congrats Tasha!! I can't wait for my u/s on monday! Im around 8 weeks then..(I dont know my exact LMP date, so am hoping they an pinpoint a better due date by looking at the u/s, This is our 2nd too and cant wait for my daughter to see the screen as welll...although I think she might just be crying, caz she doesnt like drs! hehe. Unlike you, my symptoms thsi time are far worse!! nausea is soo horrible that Im vomiting almost every day, at least once...well, you are so lucky your symptoms are much less!! Congrats to other moms!



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