Ultrasound Showing 2 Weeks Different Than Lmp

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margie - January 15

I just came back from my first doc appt and they did an ultrasound because i was having spotting for about a week. i have known i'm pregnant for 2 weeks now and my lmp is 6 weeks, 2 days but all they showed was a gestational sac and nothing else and it measured only 4 weeks, no one really explained this to me and i went home crying not understanding how it's possible? I guess that I should just wait and see what happens since I have another ultrasound in 2 weeks. I just don't know how much more of this worry i can take since I've already been to the ER once and had spotting. This whole pregnancy has been nothing but worry for me...all I ever wanted was to be happy and I can't be because I just don't feel "normal".......I thought I would come out of the dr office feeling much more light and better knowing that everything is ok, but that was really wierd to me, is it possible I could have tested positive 2 weeks ago but only be 4 weeks on an ultrasound??? This is my first pregnancy and I'm so confused and full of questions and my dr office is so busy that I was really just run through there quickly. Please anyone have some advice? I need to be realistic I guess and want to know the truth good or bad.


stefkay - January 15

Margie, read the post not too far down that says "Early Ultrasounds - Don't let them scare you"...I had the same situation and this person's story made me feel better. My dr. wasn't concerned for me either, so I'd say don't worry...please keep me posted as I'd like to hear how it goes! Good luck!


margie - January 15

i will let you know...i did read that post and thanked them for sharing the story...i suppose i should be happy that there was a gest. sac showing. i suppose the reason that early ultrasounds arent usually done is because they aren't always particulary accurate...it just worried me more to not see a yolk or baby there at all and when she said its because my dates must have been wrong i didnt even say anything at the time but on the ride home thought "hey wait a minute! i tested postive 2 weeks ago, is that even posible?" i'll keep you posted for sure!


DownbutnotOUT - January 15

I was told but an u/s tech they never measure gest sacs at the hospital because its so inaccurate and they wait to see if a fetus shows and than do it. I dont know if thats HER personal opinion or feelings or if its hospital standard but 1st tri bleeding and spotting has happened to so many who carry on to have healthy term babies.


ninasvenga - February 11

Margie- I know its been a long time since you posted... But, how did it turn out? Did you end up delivering a healthy baby? I am going through the same situation right now and am going crazy waiting the 2 weeks for my next ultrasound. I know my LMP, my cycle is always regular and my first scan showed 2 weeks behind. The doc told me either I ovualted much later than expected or its a pending miscarriage and the baby has stopped growing. To come back in 2 weeks... I pray you ended up having a healthy baby and I can follow in your foot steps...


austynsmommy - February 15

I had a ton of problems with my youngest. Had an ultrasound and I was also two weeks behind, spotting, bleeding more than a period at 26 weeks. I now have a very healthy 8 week old baby boy. I know it's hard not to worry but just try and relax and enjoy this time. Congrats on your pregnancy.


stefkay - February 19

Hi, I saw this and thought I'd post again...I can't remember exactly how this time had turned out for Margie, but I know that on two different occasions I had u/s's where I measured 2 weeks behind and both times I miscarried. I eventually got pregnant and carried a healthy baby girl and had her this past July! I know Margie finally had her baby girl not too long before I did, also after some losses. On my "good " pregnancy I measured a day or two ahead at every scan (I had one every 2 weeks due to my history). It DOES happen that an u/s measures off if you ovulate late, but I knew when I ovulated both times and knew it was not late that is why I stress that you know better than your doctor often if something is wrong.



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