Ultrasound Shows Sac Too Small

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Audrey - November 22

Bad news. My symptoms and calculations had led me to believe that I was 13 weeks pregnant. I became a bit concerned when I began to have brown spotting on 11/20 which turned reddish on 11/22. It didn't seem to be gettnig worse and I wasn't in any discomfort so I just kept an eye on things. I was due to see my doctor on 11/22 anyway. The doctor gave me an ultrasound, and the size of the sac suggests I'm only six weeks along, which I know is impossible because I had implantation bleeding and symptoms long before that. The other possibility is a "fake" pregnancy where the embryo doesn't develop properly. So I'll be seeing my doctor again in two weeks to determine if there has been any improvement, and if not I'll have to go for a D&C. I'm very disappointed but given my age and history of irregular periods, it's not overly surprising. But when all is said and done we can still try again.


Christine - November 23

Audrey I'm sorry to hear about all your confusing news...I do hope that all goes well for you...good luck


susan - November 23

to audrey,I had experienced like that before.My doctor told me that the sac is so small.after a week,I came to see him again and told me that the sac did not grow.its still small.i hope your situation will not be like mine before.i had spontanous abortion.the baby did not grow.after a week,the blood rushed out of my body like m/c.I'd like to know how old you are.I'm 31 now and 7 weeks pregnant.pls answer me at [email protected]


Audrey - November 26

Update to my first story - the bleeding I had turned from brown to bright red on Wednesday afternoon. So on Thursday I went into the hospital for testing, and ultimately was told what I already suspected: a blighted ovum, where the placenta and sac develop but for some reason the embryo does not. So I had a D&C Thursday evening at the hospital and now I'm at home for the next 3-4 days. I'd like to thank everyone on the site who gave me advice and support over the last little while. If I get pregnant again, I'll be back around. :)


w - November 26

Sorry to hear ur story, I just want to ask u a few questions if I may? Did u ave any pregnancy symptoms also did u feel ur stomach was growing. I coming up to 12 weeks and reading some of these stories really worries me. They do say that after a blighted ovum ur next preganacy is meant to successful and stronger. Also u can try right away as u r most fertile after 14 days from ur d&c. Hope it goes well for u x



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