Ultrasound Weeks Dont Match Up

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Beth - December 6

I went for an ultrasound on Friday, my first one. At that time I was supposed to be 8 weeks, 6 days. The u/s showed the baby around the stages of 5 weeks. I am very concerned. The doctor said it could be one of two things....either I ovulated late and am unsure when I got pregnant OR the baby stopped growing at 5 weeks. Does anyone know anything about this or give me some more info? I was too numb at the doc's to ask all the questions I have now. I go back in a week for another u/s.


Moo - December 6

I don't know the answer... but I do know that it is very possible that you may have miscalculated your date of conception. Many women ovulate at different times and it may be that you did in fact ovulate super late. I know you are probably scared right now, I would suggest calling the office and seeing if you could talk to one of the nurses or your doc to answer some of your questions. They would totally understand, especially if it would put your mind at ease for the next week. Good luck and I will say a prayer for you and the baby.


Shell - December 6

Really important to write down questions as you think of them.. had some complications with my first pregnancy and everytime the OBGYN said something to me I cried in his office and couldn't think of what to say and would have all these qu'ns the minute I left. write them all down then call or email your Dr or ask them at your next appt.. and this forum helps!


Dia - December 6

Hi Beth - did you get to see the heartbeat? At 8 weeks it is there..hopefully you saw it. I was in a similar position at week 7 and my baby was measuring 1.5 weeks behind. And I KNOW when I got pregnant b/c DH and I only had s_x one time that month, and I know his little swimmers didn't live for 10 days inside me! Anyhow, I got to see the heartbeat, so even though he was measuring small, I knew he was still alive. I am currently 13 weeks and just had my first official doc appt and they did another u/s and the baby was squirming like mad and we got to see the heartbeat again. Best of luck to you, try not to worry too much - keep us updated!!


Olivene - December 8

I just had my first scan today. Baby looks like four weeks instead of five. I talked to my friend about it. Her daughter measured three weeks behind at the 6 week scan, she said. She's a lovely, healthy girl now. I don't really understand how this happens, but somehow it does. I'll say a little prayer for you, just in case, but try not to worry! Worrying can't help!


Anne - December 8

I was using the fertility monitor, so knew within 24 hours of when I ovulated. However, I went in at 8 wks and was showing 7 wks. I was so scared (i've had 2 prior m/c), but dr found h/b and I am now 14 wks tomorrow. Dr. said even with monitor ovulation could have been a bit late and implantation could have taken a bit longer than normal. He wasn't concerned at all. I think it's very common. Shell had a great idea and I use it too.....write down your questions before your appt. I go down my list of questions with the dr. at every office visit. Good luck!



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