Ultrasounds And Due Dates

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Susanna - December 17

does anyone know how acurate an ultrasound is for indicating your due date?


N - December 17

I believe: Very. They narrowed mine down to 6 weeks, 1-3 days. And, they were very accurate with my last two kids.


Christine - December 17

They say that u/s done in the first trimester are more accurate than any...during the first 12 months the baby grows at a normal rate(not pregnancy to pregnancy rate) after this period they tend to grow at different rates so they cant narrow it down as well...Remember they are estimates...sometimes known to be off but usually pretty accurate...my due date(by lmp) is 4/15...my due date(by u/s's) is 4/7 or 4/8...pretty close...good luck


angie - December 25

Pretty close.. with my first child they told me by my LMP it was 12/22 and the u/s said the same. He was born on 12/21.


Jen - September 16

When is the first ultra sound usualy given? my firt kid i had an ultrasound at 4 months and most everyone i know the same but my doctor is giving my on on my next visit and today was my first visit is that normal?


Tracy - September 22

I am just wondering if anyone else has had a discrepancy between the due dates you thought and the dates shown on the ultrasound? I went in for an ultrasound at what I thought to be 7 weeks 1 day and they told me that I was actually only 5 weeks 6 days - so off by about 8 days. I am worried that there is something wrong, but no one (doctors) really seem to be concerned. My cycles have always been long 32 - 36 days and I have had pregnancy - m/c - period, pregnancy - m/c - period, pregnancy. I have never had two back-to-back cycles since last November-December, so it is hard for me to say an actual amount of days in between. It was 39 - 42 days between m/c and cycles, so who knows. I am probably just worrying about things because of my history, but others with similar stories would help. Thanks and good luck to all!!


bean - September 23

Tracy - I thought I should have been about 7wks 1dy and my u/s showed 6wks 3dys. I read somewhere (can't remember the link now) that as long as you're only about a week off - which you are - it's fine. Plus, your af was irregular. My af was ALWAYS 28 dys - even after a m/c... so I was very surprised that they said the baby was a week "younger" than what I thought based on my lmp. But my dct had zero concerns either.



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