Unable To Eat

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Kathleen - August 16

Ladies, I am currently 8 weeks pregnant. I am nauseous all day long. It just will not stop. I am unable to eat anything at all. A bite and I feel like it's gonna come up. It's been 3 days since I've eatten and still, I just can't eat!!!! Anyone else????


Ashley - August 16

The only other preg lady I know - my dh's cuz, wasn't able to keep water down for two days and went to the doctor. She was on something for several days or a week -I would have to ask her to be sure. That really helped her, though. I was sick 24/7 but managed to eat really salty stuff. Just recently (week 11) things have been tapering off and this morning I didn't throw up! I'm so excited! If you can't stay hydrated, go see a doctor!! You have to stay hydrated for the baby's unbilical cord to function, my midwife says. If you can't eat, I lost 8 lbs and I am feeling fine now. I'm having an u/s this evening and will post on the status of things! Hang in there!!! It gets better!!


corrinne - August 16

I am 8 weeks pregnant also. I am nauseouse almostall day as well, but I force my self to eat. The only time I actully through up is if I have a lot of mucus draining. For some reason when I am pregnant I produce a lot of mucus, does anyone have that problem? I eat grapes and apples and crackers through out the day and it helps. At night I am able to eat a little more. I just make sure I take my vitamins every day. I also eat as soon as it get up, or it is worse. It is worse for me to have an empty stomach. I am sure it will pa__s though. I was never sick with my first child, so this does suck.


Jen - August 16

Hi yes i am soo sick and tired I feel like I have a really bad flu and a yucky taste in my mouth I feel like i just want to sleep all the time to get rid of this awful feeling and hungry soo much but to sick to eat is this anyone else maybe I do have the flu also ???



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