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Mary - October 18

I am in my 5th week, this is my second pregnancy, I am having cramps, and feel as if I am going to start my period. They are not painful and I am not bleeding is this normal. I am so scared of a miscarriage.


E - October 18

I had cramps and always felt like my period was around the corner in my first trimester. I am sure all will be fine:)


Mary - October 19

Thank you E:)


Cindy - October 20

The 18th was supposed to be my 'cycle due date', but early this month my husband and I were TTC. Yesterday out of curiosity I take a home test and yes..I had two lines. But the thing of it is...I truly thought I was going to get my cycle, I had every typical symptom and after 22 years (I was 12) you get to know your body. I still feel cramps...actually that's all I feel and they are just like premenstrual ones. I'm 33 and this will be my first, I've done all the preliminary prepping, I see my doc tomorrow and will mention it but I accepting it as normal. I don't want to make myself crazy with this. Most importantly...DON'T STRESS, I can't see that is healthy...do whatever makes you feel better. Bye


Monika - October 20

I did not think my I was pregnant because I was cramping all the time and my b___bs were sore so I thought I would start my period any minute. Well after two week of that and 37 days since my last period, I took a test and whala...pregnant. I immediately asked my doctor about the cramping and they said it was perfectly natural. Your uterus is contracting and hitting up against your tubes and that is why you feel cramping. By a__sured it is no big deal. I was just like you, in fact, I kept running to the bathroom to see if I was bleeding. But it has gotton better. Good luck.


ashleigh - October 21

Yeah I am 4 weeks and cramping lots too. some of them hurt pretty bad. I have read this is okay. I know its nerve racking.


abbewash - October 21

I am also in my 5th week and feel the exact same way! i keep thinking I'm going to miscarry!


K - October 22

I am starting my 10th week and have been feeling cramping, pinching pains, etc. the worry of a miscarriage consumes me... however.. I had my first ultrasound at 7 1/2 weeks and saw the heartbeat so I feel a little better... I think everyone experiences these cramps and pains... if you are really worried you can call your Dr. but I'm sure you are fine! Good luck!



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