Unexpected Pregnancy Reassurance Pls

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Athenajack - June 1

So, i already have a 4 year old and a 10 month old. I had Essure done in Sept, one month after my daughter was born. I never went back for the confirmation xray b/c i had 2 extra visits to confirm placement of one of the coils. standing in the mirror naked last week, i see OMG. Test confirms pos. That was friday and i don't know how long it will take to get in. But i'm worried about the coils complicating the pregnancy. I didn't want more children in the first place. I'm really depressed. Abortion and adoption are not options. I'm sure i will feel better later, but its hard to believe that i am preg. I've had no symptoms at all except a slight increase in hunger. I called ask a nurse. They say i'm either 10 or 14 wekks along. Not sure when my last period was. How could i be that far and not know. I knew at 3 weeks with both of my kids. I'm married, with a pretty good job and a house, but i feel like a 12 year girl getting knocked up. Thx. hope i see my tommorow.


krysb - June 1

Hello, I feel your pain. I am 6 weeks preg. and this was not planned. I have twins that are 5yo & 14mon old. I was done. I went to the dr to get an IUD placed and found I was preg. I am also married with a home but really happy with what I have. I have creid several days about it but my dh says everything will workout. I struggle with being ungrateful b/c so many people really have a hard time ttc. I tell myself this is a blessing from GOD. He knows better than we do.


Athenajack - June 2

I called my OB's office and they don't start taking calls for another hour. I left them an urgent message with the answering service. She said she would send it over, but that was an hour ago. I thought they would call me back as soon as they got the message. So i called me gp and they said they would see me at 4:30 but they can't tell me where the baby is positioned. I want to know how far along i actually am. And why i didn't have symptoms. I'm worried about a tubal. GP can confirm and listen for the heartbeat, and feel around on me, but thats it. They don't deliver babies here, there is only one ob in this area and i hate him. You would think that if i was supposed to be steralized and i'm coming up positive preg. test, they would get me in asap. Still freaking out...


Athenajack - June 2

I feel silly commenting to myself, but it makes me feel better. Just got off the phone and got a sonogram, and pregnancy test in a little bit. and am scheduled on June 10 to see my Dr who is out on vacation till the 10th



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