Update On Afraid I Might Lose My Baby Post

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starlyght24 - July 29

Hi I posted a couple of days ago and I just wanted to update you because I am so excited. Going to summarize the past few days. Basically I just found out July 26th with a blood test that I was pregnant. I was spotting with bright red blood. It got a little bit heavier but nothing to soak a pad. I went to the ER on July 27th where they told me that my cervix was closed and that my hcg levels were only 25.5. That dr told me that it he thought this was a pregnancy that wasnt going anywhere. He labeled me as a threatened miscarriage. He told me to go in in two more days and have another HCG quant_tive test taken. So I went in today and had another blood test taken. This doctor made me feel so much better. He said that I am probably only about a week or so pregnant and that is why my value is so low. He said that 50% of women bleed in their 1st trimester. He also said of course that it is a good sign that my cervix is still closed. He said that the value should double and that even if it was at a 30 it still wouldnt mean anything bad since I am very early on in my pregnancy. I am still having the bright red spotting, no more period like cramps for the past 2 days, and my level is now at 47 which they said is definitely good. I feel so much better now!!! I have to call them back on Monday to tell them how I am doing to see if they want to do another test. I feel so much more relieved right now and wanted to share this with you all just in case their are others going through what I am going through.


Kathy - July 29

Yes, I have been going through something similar although I have not gone to the hospital, I did however call my DR and they said it was probably normal for me and not to worrry unless the bleeding increased or I got cramps, neither of which have occured. I am patiently waiting for Monday when I will visit the OB for the first time. I did try last night to use a fetal monitor from a friend just to see if I could hear the baby's heart but couldn't, I will be trying every night now! Congratulations on your GREAT news!



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