Update On 8 Weeks Pregnant And Have A Sac But No Baby

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Tonibug - April 22

Hi everyone, I received some bad news yesterday, the nurse called to tell me that my HCG levels did not double like we had hoped but actually got lower so she said I will miscarry. I'm so upset this was my first pregnancy and we had been only trying for one month and I just wanted everything to be ok. I go back to my doctor on Monday, where I guess they will talk to me about my options. Has anyone else experienced this is and if so what happens now. I mean I havent had any cramping or bleeding. I just dont understand it all. When my body does miscarry or if they give me something to induce the miscarry will I be in a lot of pain? I could sure use some help rigth about now.


mandilee - April 22

First of all I am so sorry for your loss. I just lost mine on Thursday so I understand. From what I can understand miscarriage is different for everyone. For me I had light bleeding and then the next two days I had heavy bleeding and horrible cramping and that is when I pa__sed all the tissue and clots. If you don't start anything by Monday I would bet that they would want to do a d&c. My prayers are with you Tonibug.


spammy4145 - April 23

When I m/c,last may, It began with just pa__sing a few specks of blood and a few clots.. My cramping got worse througout the day,the day I actually pa__sed the tissue, up until than I just had strong AF cramps. Honestly it wasn't anything that I couldn't handle, It was just felt like AF cramps but stronger. I took 2 advil and that pretty well helped it.. It hurts more emotionally more than physically.. I'm sorry to hear about your loss, and it does hurt but the hurt does heal believe it or not, it just takes time. Best of luck


Tonibug - April 23

Thanks guys for responding! I'm sorry for all of our losses. It's so hard to think that everything is going so well only to find out your gonna miscarry, it's seems so unfair but I know it's for the best. I'm so nervous about tomorrow!! I have heard so many things about a D&C like how bad it hurts and you might have to miss a few days outta work and how if they give you the pill to induce the miscarrage you will be doubled over in pain from the cramping. I'm scared. I have started to cramp a little bit tonight and my back hurts so I might be getting ready to start. I would really like not to do a D&C and see if my body will pa__s it on its own but I'm 9 weeks now so I'm unsure if it will.


Neets - April 24

I'm really sorry Toni. I had a m/c last Sep - also my 1st - and I experienced a discomfort a bit like period pain and then bright red bleeding throughout the day. It continued for the next day and my pain got more intense. I called my dr who said it was likely I was miscarrying. I waited to see whether I’d m/c naturally, but the waiting, for about 2 wks, got too much. In the end I went to hospital and had a D&C. This is where you go under general anaesthetic and they sc___pe the pregnancy away. It didn't hurt and didn't take too long. I had a day off work to help me recover emotionally. I was 7wk at the time of m/c. I had the operation as I wanted to be back in a position to try again, and the waiting only made me think about the m/c and I couldn't move on until it happened. I'd recommend waiting for a cycle, at least, before trying again. I conceived again at the end of January and am currently 14wk pregnant. Good luck when you try again.


natalie williams - April 24

Hi Tonibug, don't stress too much about the d&c. i had one in jan and it was nothing at all, i was back home the same day and had little if any pain. I had a scan at 12 weeeks to find out that there was no heartbeat. I hoped that it would miscarry but 4 days after the scan i gave in and had the d&c. It was worth it mentally. you will be fine. I am pregnant again now and only had one period after the d&c. this pregnancy is very different and i am nearly at 12 weeks. allow yourself time to grieve and process the loss and i am sure that all will be fine. best of luck.


Tonibug - April 24

Hi everyone I went to my dr appt today, she did another ultrasound to make sure there had been no more development, since there was no more development she told me I could wait for the miscarriage to happen naturally or take a pill v____ally or go ahead and have the d&C...I chose to take the pill, I will have to do it in the morning and go back on Wednesay to make sure I pa__sed everything, she did say that If I go back on wednesday and everything is fine theres no reason why we cant start trying again asap. She said they tell you to wait a month after but theres no medical reason for as long as your ok to trying again emotionally your fine! So as much as this is killing me I do want to try again and I pray for a healthy pregnancy next time. Thanks for all your kind words and shared experiences!!


Susan W - April 25

Tonibug, I had a natural m/c at home after being told my 12 week pregnancy was not developing normally, and it is physically painful, but your body is doing what it's designed to do. What helped me through it was a heating pad on my tummy and on my back. I laid on my left side and just drifted while my body did its thing. It lasted about 4 hours and then the pain was suddenly gone. It's like very intense cramps. In some ways, it was harder than giving birth to my 11.5 lb son! There isn't much of a break between these cramps. There is a lot of bleeding, so don't be scared by that. The bleeding will also last a few days afterwards, sort of like a heavy period. You may see fetal tissues, so don't get scared. I found seeing those, strange as this may seem, closure. You can do it. Your body is doing what it is supposed to do. My midwife told me flat out D&Cs should really only be done if there's a problem, and I agreed. I much preferred the natural to the thought of a D&C. I'm a medical professional, and I would have always wondered if there was a mistake. I also hate procedures, so doing it on my own was better for me mentally and emotionally. Everybody can choose though. And you can get pregnant again right away. I conceived again 3 weeks to the day of my m/c. It was very scary to be pregnant again so soon, but now it's got me thinking about life instead of loss. So sorry for you, and the ladies on the pregnancy loss forum are a great source of help if you haven't been over there yet.


Tonibug - April 25

Hi guys, well today was horrible! I took the pills to induce the miscarriage at about 10am this morning. At about noon I took a 800 mg of ibuprofen just so I would be prepared for any pain when the time came. At about 1pm I was doubled over in pain....I'm talking the worst pain I have ever felt in my life, I was very nauseaus and the cramps were just horrible. my husband was so good and caring to me though. He called the pharmacy to see if I could take the vicodin they presrcibed for me evern though I had just taken the iibuprofen a hour before and he said definitely If I was in that much pain. Once that kicked in I was fine!!! I didnt start bleeding until about 7 tonight and it kicked in full throttle, I soaked an entire pad in aout 30 mins. I feel so much better and I do feel like it is the closure I needed. I go back to the dr tomorrow and I hope she gives me the clear to start trying again when I'm ready! Thanks to everyone for responding. It helped me a great deal!! I wish everyone good luck and I hope we all get our little babies we all want so badly!



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