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sqeekers - June 24

Does anyone know of something safe to take in the first trimester for upset stomach? Some of my morning sickness is throwing up but most of it is diarreah(sorry TMI), and I don't know what to take. My docs say to try and wait it out but it is getting really annoying and making it difficult to get out of the house some mornings.


Kerri Knox - June 25

Hi Sqeekers, Sorry I don't have a solution for you, I just wanted to say how relieved I was to see your post. I have not had morning sickness at all but have had diarreah since almost day 1. I can't find it listed as a symptom in any of my pregnancy books so I was starting to get worried. I was happy to see someone else also has the same problem. When are you due?


Rhonda - June 25

Sqeekers,you can take vitamin B6 100 MG tablets,it's good for nausea and vomiting.or eat crackers or dry toast.


shannon5980 - June 25

hello, I have not had diarreah but i have had alot of nausea. I called my doctor and he prescribed me some nausea pills that have worked wonders. call your obgyn and ask him if their is anything he can do for you.


sqeekers - June 26

Kerri, I am due Feb. 16 how about you? The B6 hasn't helped, crackers havent helped. With my last 2 pregnancies I was sick every day for 9 months, and we never did find anything that helped, it hasn't been that bad this time but its been bad enough.


shannon5980 - June 26

I am due feb 17. so we are really close sqeekers. It will be fun to keep in touch and see how each other is doing


Kerri Knox - June 26

Hey sqeekers and Shannon, I'm due Feb 17th :-) although everyone in my family has always been overdue so I wouldn't be surprised if it were later.


JB0405 - June 26

Sqeekers, I will be 5 weeks at the end of the week and had diarreah today. Is this an eveyday thing for you? Stay away from fried foods as it won't help... water seemed to help me as well as laying down for little while!


sqeekers - June 26

JB it hasn't been an every day occurance, Probably every other day or so. I have tried everything I could think of to help it. The thing I have found that helps some is to eat a container of yogurt once a day, and that seems to lessen it some.However, the yogurt has its drawbacks, like increased gas and bloating. I am trying some of the rolaids soft chews thats seems to help also, the pharmacist says they are safe and they have calcium.



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