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evae777 - October 20

My doc just called and he said that what we thought was a molar pregnancy is not molar. my HCG levels on Tuesday last week was at 149,000. Then 3 days later (on Friday) it only went up to 159,000. he says that at just 2,000 that there should be sight of an embryo and a heartbeat. since the levels are this high and not doubling that i will miscarry on my own. my question is, should i trust the hcg tests and the fact that the ultrasound only showed a sac and no heartbeat and go ahead and do a D&C? i just hear many women talk about their levels barely rising yet they eventually increase and then there is a heartbeat. i don't know what to do, if i should wait it out or just trust the doctor that this one is hopeless. he doesnt think another ultrasound (since i had a second opinion on the last one) will change anything. i wouldn't mind waiting it out to see how it goes, but i am truly miserable. in a way i just want to get it over with to relieve my body, but yet afraid it is the wrong choice. i cannot function and the nausea and migraines are so bad! does anyone have any advice or knowledge on what to do in this situation?


starlight_94 - October 20

I am so sorry. All I can say is if you think that doing the d&c might be the wrong decisionthen dont do it. You will have regrets if you dont follow your heart. also your dr should be happy to do another u/s to put your mind at ease and not question it. Was your second opinion by a dr in the same practice or a different one. I have had the experience that drs will make the same call in the same practice so they dont get sued . I hope that maybe this helps. But like I have said I would follow my heart (which probably would mean waiting a week or two if it were me)


BabyMakes7 - October 20

After all the conflicting "certain" info that you've gotten, I would request another ultrasound. It hurts nothing and will give you peace. Then you can decide if the d&c is for you. Are you bleeding or cramping at all?


overtaken - October 20

I'm so sad for you! this is my first pregnancy, so I can't speak from much experience but.. it's so early! My midwife won't even see me till after 9 weeks unless there is pain or bleeding. If you hadn't been to the doctor at all so far would you have thought something was wrong? If you're unsure, get a third opinion! BE SURE before going through with something like a D&C, how traumatic! Anyway, that's my feelings, I'll be praying and thinking of you!


Krissy25 - October 20

Hi Evae, I'm so sorry you are going through all of this. While i believe that the chance that this is a viable pregnancy is slim, if seeing that through an u/s just one more time is what you need than i think you should do it. At least you will know for sure and it will put your mind at rest. Is your doctor willing to do 1 more? Let him know that you know it's a long shot but it's just something you need to be sure of. I'm happy though that he doesn't believe that it is a molar pregnancy. How are you and your dh holding up. I totally know what kind of stress this can put on 2 people. Keep me posted. Good luck.


MrsH06 - October 20

Ev, what turmoil you have been through!! It sounds like you kinda know what your doctor is saying is accurate. Your probably trying to talk yourself into not believeing him tho to hold out any slim chance. I dont blame you, I did the same thing. In my heart, I knew there was no chance. So, you just have to listen to yourself. MAybe give yourself a timeline to start your miscarriage??? I had trouble for WEEKS and never pa__sed any tissue. It was a long time to wait without knowing. It could be weeks before you start to pa__s anything. I finally started to pa__s tissue the night before my d/c. I think I told you before, I felt 100 times better after the d/c. Not that it was emotia___lly easy at all, but, I made it OK in my head, and decided to get it over with so I could start trying again. You just have to be OK with your descion. I have my opinion of what you should do, Im sure you will make the right one for you. Good Luck dear..


ymgraine - October 21

I will say a few prayers for you darling but the only advice I will give you is don't listen to strangers about a decision that only you and your partner should make... sorry ladies.... everyone deals with things differently and this is a major decision that only you and those who know you best should talk about...I could give you tons of advice I have 5(potentially 6) beautiful children and have had twelve pregnancies.. two of which: I faced your decision.... I can't tell you what you should do only that you should have faith and trust yourself, when it comes to parenting after all there's no manual, and you'll have to make all the major decisions for yourself with your partners help..... no-one else will know what works best for your kids .. or your heart.....that's a choice you have to make for yourself... so's this... best of luck sweetheart my family and I will pray for you and I hope it all truns out healthy for you.


evae777 - October 22

krissy, mrsh06 and everyone, thanks for the comfort. i am going in on friday to do one last ultrasound and the d &c is right afterward, i'm dying to get it over with. these migraines are just unreal. i need to be relieved. krissy , dh and i are okay. i think he is more sad than i am. he really wants a lot of kids and a playmate for our son. but i honestly am dreading this whole thing that i may be too traumatized to even think about trying again. why does pregnancy and giving birth have to be so difficult?! anyways, thanks a lot for the support, i feel like i get more understanding here sometimes than from my own friends. through all of this i have learned that my family are the ones that truly care for me the most and from now on will be my top priority. wish me luck ladies :(


BabyMakes7 - October 22

Evae, my heart is breaking for you. I pray that you will get your answers on Friday. I'm so sorry that you are being tested this way. Wish I could give you a huge hug. A


superMommy - October 22

oh, evae- here you are! i wrote to you on the june page part 2. so the dr was wrong about your pregnancy being molar?! what does he think is going on, now? i heard that hcg stops doubling at around 6-8wks, anyway? i'm so sorry about the situation & hard decision ahead of you. :( i do not envy you. you will live with it for a long time, so try to think through the pain. *hugs&prayers*


evae777 - October 23

supermommy and babymakes7 thankyou for your comfort. so is it really true that hcg hormones don't necessarily double anymore after 8 weeks? i don't know what to think the info the doc gives me sounds like it can go different ways and he is all about the u/s and no heartbeat plus D&C. i am nervous about tomorrow, i hope that we get a heartbeat and that it was just too soon when my doc had speculated. it stinks to have wasted 2 mths of being pregnant and feeling sick for nothing! thanks again everyone for being so kind.


starlight_94 - October 23

I hope you get good news tomorrow, that would make us all happy...especially you. I will be thinking of you tomorrow, and hoping all goes well.


BabyMakes7 - October 23

Prepare yourself for the worst, pray for the best...either way we'll be here for you tomorrow and everyday thereafter! You are in my thoughts, Evae...I am praying!


pebblesnbambam - October 23

I want to share with you my experience. I was told my baby was not viable (first child) and sent home. Numbers actually DROPPED. I waiting a few days and after retesting there was an error or something. I now have a almost 5 year old son. I pray that this is a viable pregnancy and you will find out good news soon!


Krissy25 - October 23

Evae, you will be in my thoughts tomorrow. I really hope the doctors were all wrong, but if not i wish you the best of luck on your d&c. Let us know how it all turns out, we're here for you.


evae777 - October 23

pebblesnbambam, when you were told the pregnancy was not viable, how far along were you? what were the hard facts that lead them to believe this? can you share your story? for me, it was the u/s taken 2 weeks ago, there was only a yolk sac. i really hope i am waiting this out long enough to know for sure. when i did that u/s i was probably under 6 weeks pregnant , so tomorrow will be about 8 weeks i'm guessing. krissy, thanks for always responding to my posts. i am grateful! i'll keep you updated on what happens.


superMommy - October 23

WHAT is the dr's stinkin' rush?! there could be a PERSON at stake! ugh. i know ur very sick, but that's supposed to be a GOOD sign, since it's not molar or ectopic! yes!- i looked it up & read many sources that said hcg STOPS doubling and is more gradual in it's climb somewhere between 6-8wks. i don't understand why he is comparing your new hcg levels w/ your 2wk old u/s? oh, sweetie, i will be thinking of & praying for you lots tomorrow. *hugs&prayers*



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