Using ProActiv Read This

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Renee - November 2

I read in a question in an earlier posting if using ProActiv was dangerous during pregnancy. Since I never thought of that myself, (and I use ProActiv daily) I called my doctors office to inquire. Although they DID NOT tell me why, they did tell me to use either Dial or Dove. I have very sensitive skin and break out easily. I found that Dove makes a face wash for sensitive skin and have been using that for a few days. If you want to try something else while your pregnant, I suggest that. good luck everyone!


K - November 2

And don't use retin A products either.


Mindi - November 2

I am curious to know waht ProActiv does? I have been using it and the label doesn't say that it shouldn't be used my women who are pregnant, so now I am worried.


bump - November 3

does anyone know??


Renee - November 3

ProActiv is considered medicine for treating acne. Although it doesn't say that it shouldn't be used, the website for Proactiv does say to consult your physician if you are pregnant. It raises an eyebrow with me - why can't they say what the issue is? Or create one just for pregnant women???


val - November 3

cetaphil is also a really gentle and safe's non sudsing, there are no soaps in it. It is kind of expensive, so I buy the generic Walmart brand of it, and it works just as well as the name brand.


Mindi - November 3

Renee- I think I will ask my dr. at my next visit. I am just going to be one BIG zit by the end of my pregnancy if I am not suppose to use anything to keep my face clear


Renee - November 3

Mindi - I'm right there with you. We can be pregnant pimpel pals. (not so funny once i typed it...) Tell me what your doctor says about it. I'm interested in hearing his opinion. See if you can get him to explain WHY. Good luck!


Mindi - November 4

Okay, I will ask him. I don't go until Nov. 14. That's when I will get my first u/s. Hopefully everything goes well.



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