UTI S Don T Cause Miscarriage DO THEY

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gcmickens - February 7

Hi - I'm a little concerned because I read on another post that uti's can cause a miscarriage - is that possible? Because I've had one since I found out I'm pregnant and am getting antibiotics for it this Thursday - could it have wreaked havoc for the last 3 weeks without my even thinking it could be dangerous to the baby?


Angelaw. - February 7

I don't think they CAUSE a miscarriage, chances are if you miscarry, it would have happen UTI or not. That being said, as long as your dr. knows you are preg, and has adjusted your meds accordingly, I don't see why it would be a problem. I had a UTI and yeast infection during my first month of pregnancy (with my first). I did not know I was pregnant and was taking meds for both which were not reccommended for pregnant women, and my ds is just fine. Hope everything works out for you!


Trish# - February 8

I am a fertility patient and get a urinalysis every week to check for UTIs. They CAN lead to miscarriages, b/c they carry bacteria. In the first trimester your placenta is not fully formed/enclosed and bacteria from a UTI can cause some problems. That's NOT to say that if you get a UTI you are bound to m/c! It is just best to keep a careful watch on the suckers. I would not worry about the past 3 weeks at all.


vicrika - February 8

I would like to know something also. I have a UTI and I am 6 weeks started noticing spotting for 2 days no cramps no clots just when I wipe. Doctor stated due to my UTI and due to having s_x. I am concerned now if UTI will cause a miscarriage.


gcmickens - February 9

Txs Trish :-) I just got antibiotics to treat my UTI today and you say not to worry about the last 3 weeks since conception then...? I guess the UTI will be gone after one week of thease meds., so I shouldn't worry then?


Sissy - February 9

gc- I am 9 weks pg and have a UTI now ( last week) they put me on antibiotics and unfortunately they caused me to get a yeast infection and thrush in my mouth too! Happened with my first DD also. Dr said that the nurse should have told me to eats LOADS of yogurt while on the meds to prevent the yeast infection-so load up on the yogurt!


kristenk0329 - February 11

After speaking to my doctor about it, its UNTREATED UTIs that can be dangerous in a pregnancy. He said many, if not most women, will experience UTIs during pregnancy and they can be treated safely. Its those that do not treat it, that can cause worse problems and I suppose, then lead to possible miscarriage.,


Carmies2boys - August 26

I went to the ER last Friday with bleeding at 5wks into pregnancy...They did blood and urine tests...found out I had a UTI....I have never had a UTI before. I have had 3 healthy pregnancies before this one...on the discharge papers they sent me home with it said threatened abortion (miscarriage) and at the bottom it said UTI CAN cause misscarriage. I was devistated...I did not know this nor did I even know I had a UTI. I didn't start feeling pain in my bladder until 2 days later. I feel this is why I lost my baby. At the ER they said the baby was in the uterus where it was suppose to be and that it looked ok...but a few days later I miscarried.



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