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katie1982 - May 21

hi all..i know many of you wont want to talk about this but i need some advice...i'm 4 weeks pregnant and as i'm on the pill it was very unexpected...i am a single mother of a 3 and half y/o boy whom i adore but i dont know if i can cope with another one. my current partner of 2 years lives 100 miles away and already has 3 children from a previous relationship. We both were planning to take things slowly and do things right this time eg...move in together marriage then maybe more kids. I'm scared i dont want to be left on my own with two children but am not sure about abortion either. i am currently swaying between the two options any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also i'm worried about my son as he is having behavioural problems due to his dad living with another woman and her child and she also has a baby on the way. My family wil be so dissapointed if i end up a single mum of two children from different dads i just dont know what to do!


Kimmer23 - May 21

Have you considered the 3rd option....adoption? I had been trying to conceive for almost a year and a half when I finally did. But, my dh and I were definitely considering adoption and we may still in the future, regardless if we can have our own kids. I don't know if this would be an option for you, but I wanted to bring it up. So may women are trying so hard to get pregnant (like I was), and adoption is a great way to unite those parents that are desperate for children to those children. Just a thought. Good luck with your baby, your decision, and everything else.


katie1982 - May 22

thanks for your reply...unfortunately i could never consider adoption, if i carried a baby full term i would love it to much too give away...this isnt a decision i make lightly as my sister couldnt conceive naturally and i have seen the pain and anguish that can cause...luckily her 2nd ivf worked for her and she ended up with 2 beautiful twin boys and then a miracle litlle girl conceived naturally! i know this is not the happy ending everyone gets though sadly. after much thought i have decided i cant go through an abortion no matter how dissapointed anyone else will be. it's my life and i know i can provide love and care for my new child so i dont feel i have any right to choose for it not to come into the world...goodluck with the rest of your pregnancy and take care.



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