Vaginal Ache

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leigh - February 7

I know that this sounds weird but I've been experiencing this occassional ache "down there." Its definitinely happening on the outside (maybe the cervix); its not in my gut or lower back like a menstral cramp. Its also pretty sharp, but doesn't last but for a second or two. I'm told that it might just be from hormones, but it makes be nervous because I last time I experienced such a feeling I m/c 12 hours later. I'm almost 7 weeks along now and have just noticed it in the last day or two; I've had no other cramping and no bleeding this time. Has anyone else experienced this weird thing ? Please respond. I'm scared.


Jenny - February 7

Yea I have had sharp pains also. I went for my first checkup after these pains happened and the Dr. had done a pap smear and didnt mention anything, so it could be hormones. Not sure what to say about them except I have had them also.


Bobbie - February 7

It sounds like the "stabbing v____a pains." I've experienced them too. It's quite embarra__sing to have one of these pains suddenly strike in the presence of strangers. I once shook and gasped so loudly that everyone in line at the supermarket asked if I was okay. "Oh sure," I wanted to reply, "It's just a stabbing v____a pain." I believe these pains are similar to the "stabbing uterine pains" and are caused by stretching and repositioning of tendons, ligaments and muscles. Your innards have to rearrange themselves to make room for the baby and sometimes this can cause abrupt pain.


Leigh - February 7

Thanks - I've heard that you experience these types of pains when your cervix starts to open ( in the third trimester) - and I certainly don't want that to happen. I really hope this is a common thing.


Leigh - February 7

Has anyone else experienced anything similar to this. It seems to be getting more frequent in the last two days. I'm so nervous.


Jess - February 7

I definatly have those twinges of pain down there. I'm only 7 weeks. They come and go but its pretty quick. At my Dr visit there was nothing wrong so I am ssuming its no biggie, just the changes taking place. But boy do they catch you off guard. I have also had it for like 2 weeks so I wouldn't worry about a M/C.



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