Vaginal Bleeding At 8 Weeks 6days If You Have Any You

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Kristina - February 4

Hi everyone its me and well on the 3rd of Feburary about 4:30pm I was working and all of a sudden I started bleeding (Bright Red and Heavy) so I drove myself to the ER. They did labs (Drew blood to get a positive PG test, to check my blood count, Rh Factor(none), and to see what my blood type was) then the bleeding began to slow down to spotting. They did a Pelvic Ultrasound (Everything looked good, I could see it and the heart was beating fast which is normal) then a Pelvic Exam (They checked the Cervix, Uterus, etc and Everything looked good apparently they could tell the bleeding stopped) I did have my first OB Appointment the 4th and everything still looks good. Vaginal Bleeding is scary, so if you are experiencing Abdominal cramps, back pain, fever, chills, bad nausea, and you feel dizzy or going to faint, even if you have spotting. Everything could turn out fine but have it checked out by your OB. Good Luck


femi - February 10

I am 9 weeks, started bleeding at 5 weeks, i had an u/s after 9 days of heavy bleeding and pa__sing tissue but no cramps, there was still alot of bleed in my uterus and there was a mirracle, i saw a heart beat, my baby was fine and it was an implantation bleeding. still spotting up to now.


Sue - August 25

I wiped myself and it was light pink what does that mean.


Jessica - August 25

Sue how far along are you??


nessie - August 25

With my last pregnancy I had what was like AF at about 14 weeks - lots of blood, cramps, the works. All was fine however, went straight to the OB and he did an u/s to check. So bleeding can happen very late and it is not always a problem. I would still advise getting it checked asap though because you never know. Hopefully that won't happen this time around, it is very scary so I can sympathise!!


Kathy - August 26

What you have discribed is almost exactly what happened to me at 8 weeks 5 days. I was sitting here at work when I felt wet, when I got to the restroom I was bleeding horribly and pa__sing the tissue but no cramps. I did this in three restroom breaks between work and the hospital waiting room. I thought for sure I had lost the baby, I have never seen that much blood before. After the pelvic and u/s they discovered the baby moving around with a strong heart beat. Over the next day the bleeding slowed to spotting. I see the OB on Monday.


Patreasa - August 30

yesterday, i went to the bathroom, and when i wiped, i saw a bit of pink bleeding. for the next hour when i would go, i noticed it would be more and more blood but no cramping or anything. it got to the point where i could see it drip in the toilet. it wasn't alot, but it was enough to wear a panty liner. i went to the emergency room, and they took blood and my hcg levels are at 2560, and i'm 5 weeks...the spotting has tapered off, and it's just a small hint of pink spots when i wipe...anyone have anything similar and still carry their baby to term. i cried and cried, and i am freaking out because this is my first pregnancy, and i really want everything to be ok with my baby...i go back tomorrow to get another blood draw to make sure my levels are doubling to rule out the possibility of miscarriage...



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