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randi - August 22

i have little sharp pain in my va___al area. Anyone else or know what it could be? I have no stomack pain or bleeding and am 12 weeks pregnant


bump - August 22



Coreene - August 22

I am not sure what causes it, but I have it too. I am 9 weeks 3 days. I had it with my last pregnancy too. As long as it is not too bad, and there is no bleeding I wouldn't worry about it.


R - August 22

I also have pains in my groin area (always in the same place). they are sharp and shooting and really scare me. i am 7.5 weeks along. i know they say that after about 12 it could be the uterus stretching but not before that.


randi - August 23

i had the pain at about 7 weeks once and yesterday again im sure your ok R ,thanks coreene


sue - August 23

I am nine weeks three days also.I get them too.They are inside my v____a.


Nell - August 23

I think i am about 4 weeks going into 5 had a faint positive yesterday! I am also having sharp pains in my v____al area. It sounds kinda like it is too soon to have them in my 4-5 week?


shelly - August 23

I went to the doc about this when I was 13 weeks. The doc says its growing pains, everythings stretching even down there. For me it was fast, shooting, and burning pains that would only last for a sec at a time.


randi - August 23

mine are shooting pains and only last seconds at a time


Mich - August 24

i have this too and Thought i was the only one or that i was imagining it as mine only last about a second or two as well so i didnt ask the Dr. Its good knowing that other people are having these same things!


jenni - August 25

yeah, i get that two like stabbing pains, they kinda come and go, i am 61/2weeks, glad to know others get them too


EAS - August 25

I am 29 weeks and began having sharp shooting pains in my v____a and cervix. After a visit to the doctor today, he said it is somewhat common and caused by pressure from the baby along with normal stretching. Try getting off your feet when this happens. Advice for relief: Fill a clean sock with rice and heat it in the microwave for 2 minutes. Place it in between your legs for 10 minutes or so. It should ease the pain.


Darla - September 6

I have also been having this, but at times it feels like a pressure type pain as well in my v____a. Has anyone else experienced this as well?



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