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mama-beans - October 22

This is my 2nd pregnancy, and the first time I will have to go in for a va___al ultrasound ( new doctor). I have just recently learned that my doctors clinic has a policy with va___al ultrasounds that states that the patient has to insert the ultrasound wand themselves... What are your thoughts on this? To me, it seems very p___nographic. This is a MEDICAL procedure, and I feel it should be treated as such. They don't ask me to insert the speculum ( sp) when I go in for a pap smear.. how is this any different?? I am very offended by the whole idea, bu not sure what I can do about it.. any thoughts?


maya - October 22

I cant believe it!!!!!!! sounds incredible!!! really? definately would be offended.


Tara - October 22

I live in Canada and had a v____al ultrasound with baby I ended up losing at 12 weeks and I had to insert it myself and honestly it wasent that bad. They put a towel over me and told me just to insert the tip. I never felt at all that it was p___nograghic. I was thinking more of the baby at the time then the thought of sticking something in me. Honestly I felt very comfortable and believe me everyones concern was for our baby I doubt anyone would think of it as being sick. I wish you best of luck and try not to make a big deal of it, just think of it as having a chance to see the little one inside of you.


mama-beans - October 22

I just wonder why I need to be the one doing the inserting at all.. to me it just seems wrong, and I don't understand why.. the office only said "because it's our policy" which doesn't help at all.


Tara - October 22

I believe its the policy at the hospital I went to, but mine was done by an ultrasound technician rather then a doctor. Dont stress trust me it sounds worse then it really is. I am on my fourth pregnancy right now and maybe Im getting more comfortable with things like that. I dont think you should worry unless persons present are not professional about it. I think you will do fine and I wouldent get to upset about it .Nobody present at my ulrasound even seen my v____a I was covered, but once you insert it they do take over and position it to see baby. Good luck!


maya - October 22

In my one new experience I am living with pregnancy, the v____al ultrasound device was inserted by the doctor. I was happy that he was there to do it for me, since my mind was focused on seeing the screen rather insertion of a machinery.


shannon - October 22

I guess I didnt even think too much about it when I had to have a transv____al ultrasound. I was covered up, and they told me to insert it like a tampon. You don't really have to insert it that much. I was more focused on being able to see the baby's heartbeat.


mama-beans - October 22

But why can't the doctor do the medical stuff? Why do I have to do it at all? I'm not so concerned about the modesty issue, it's just the idea of the thing.. it takes it from a medical thing they are doing to something dirty..


Tara - October 22

Maybe talk to your doctors office about your concerns. I currently on Monday will be 14 weeks and have two healthy children and with this pregnancy the doctor scheduled me for a abdominal ultrasound at 7 weeks 1 day and my other two healthy babies at 18 weeks I only got the ultrasound at 7 weeks because of miscarrying my last pregnancy. How far along are you ?Do you need a v____al ultrasound or can you wait until they can do an abdominal? Shannon is right you most likely wont really even think about it and it is just like a tampon. Good luck


Bohnwin - October 22

I went in when I was 5 weeks pregnant for a u/s because I though I was miscarrying. They told me to have a full bladder, but I couldn't hold it that long, and I went pee. So, they asked me if I wanted to wait, or have a v____al u/s. I opted for the latter, but I was told I was to insert the probe myself. Honestly, I'm glad they asked me to do it myself. It was very discreet... the whole area was covered by a hospital gown and a blanket, so the technician couldn't see anything. Then he had me take his hand and place it on the probe. He never had to look at that part of me, and he got a great u/s of my yolk sac. I have that pic in my baby's photo album as the first pic I ever took of her. The technician was very professional, and left the room while I inserted the probe. I had to ring a bell when I was finished, and he came in to do the u/s. I think it was the best kind of medical I could have gotten at the time. Definately talk to your doc about anything that troubles you. That's what they get paid the big $$$'s for.


L.G. - October 23

I had two v____al ultrasounds and i would have walked right out of the office if they had said I had to insert the wand myself. they should have an ultrasound tech who will do it. Plus, how do you know you're doing it the right way etc??


mama-beans - October 23

For me it isn't really an issue of being discreet or anything, as I am getting a pap & vag exam in the same visit. It is the idea that they make a difference with the ultrasound wand.. they insert everything else up there ( including fingers to do an exam) but they want me to insert the wand.. that makes it different from the rest.. less medical to me and more... creepy. WHY would they want me to insert this thing myself? It is a medical instrument!! Not a d____o!!


Oh Please! - October 24

Get over it. It is really not that big of a deal. In most cases, it is a tecnhician (not your doctor) that is preforming the test. They cover you up and you inset it like a tampon. No one sees your private parts. If the technician inserted it, he/she would have to see your private parts. I feel like there are enough people looking "down there" and I would only want to be "looked at" by someone who is either my doctor/mid-wife or someone in the presence of my doctor - not a tech. They probably ask you to do it yourself for malpractice reasons. Focus on the baby. That's what is important!!


Melissa - October 24

Never heard of such a policy!!! Find another doctor.


sparkles - October 24

I had one done and it's really no big deal. I think they have you do that for your own comfort. It actually made me feel more comfortable, because I know exactly how I'm shaped down there and how it would need to be put in for the least amount of discomfort. If you really feel uncomfortable with it, ask the tech to do it themselves. I'm sure they won't mind.


maya - October 24

once again. I cant believe there could be such a policy in the united states! you have left me without words!!! I tend to agree with Melissa.. find another doctor...


Lauren - October 24

I had one done and the tech inserted it. She just shoved it on up there and did it so forcefully that it hurt REALLY bad. So, while I think it would be kinda wierd to do it myself, I would have rather done it myself than had her do it. Maybe your doc's office is having you do it since they know that techs are not trained to do that and the doc is too busy to do something that you could more easily do yourself. I totally understand why you're offended by it, but if I ever have to get it done again, I would rather do it myself than have the tech do it. Just a thought.



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