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Lauren - October 24

I had one done and the tech inserted it. She just shoved it on up there and did it so forcefully that it hurt REALLY bad. So, while I think it would be kinda wierd to do it myself, I would have rather done it myself than had her do it. Maybe your doc's office is having you do it since they know that techs are not trained to do that and the doc is too busy to do something that you could more easily do yourself. I totally understand why you're offended by it, but if I ever have to get it done again, I would rather do it myself than have the tech do it. Just a thought.


Monique - October 24

What the hell?? I am SHOCKED!! I've had 2, one at 7 weeks and one at 11 weeks... my doctor did both. I am sooo put off and offended this is happening to you!!! GET ANOTHER DOCTOR!!!!!


J - October 25

I have been in three times for a v____al ultrasound and all three times they have given me the option to insert it myself or for them to do it. I think it is b/c the ultrasound tech is not completely trained to insert objects into people they are not doctors.


Jenn - October 25

I have had to have 2 v____al ultrasouds and both times I inserted the wand. I think it is because I had a technician and I think it is due to rules that they couldn't do it, but I don't know for sure. It is just like inserting a tampon and honestly I was glad to do it myself, i would be very uncomfortable having them do it. It's enough with all of the other times and things we get done that one less time for someone else to be looking or putting something up me is okay by me.


O - October 25

It would seem creepier if they didn't give you that option and just shoved it up there themselves. They have a blanket it over you, it's not like they can see anything so I am pretty sure they are getting their rocks off on you shoving something up your cootchie. At all my ultrasounds they gave me the option to do it myself or have the tech do it. They weren't s_xually harra__sing me by asking if I wanted to do it myself. They can't even see you, you have a blanket covering your whole bottom part. Who cares.


Monique - October 27

What do you mean creepier?? Have you ever got a PAP SMEAR?? Does your doc give you the option of sticking up your own speculam or swab?? My OB does my u/s not some tech. And if they are a trained tech they should be well versed in all techniques. How are we supposed to know what to do?? I am soooo curious..... WHERE DO YOU GUYS LIVE??


maya - October 27

when I told my husband about this thread concerning inserting the ultrasound by yourself his first comment was it was so american. It seems that they try to do the most 'correct' thing every time for fear of people sueing.. I guess. but such a thing is not heard of in europe I think. (at the moment I am in italy) I was really shocked when I read that!!!


Jules - October 27

Hey, im not pg, but ive had a v____al ultrasound and i had to insert it myself as well, i felt dirty..i didnt like it at all..i mean, its a MEDICAL thing, the DOCTOR should do it. it wasnt a plesant(sp) experiance.


Ann - October 27

Well I just don't understand why they would make the patient do that. I mean that's why they get paid so much per procedure, we shouldn't be doing it for them. We have so much going through our heads during those exams, what do we need with some added stress and uncomfortable feelings?


nicky - October 27

i've had several v____al ultrasounds, and i have never had to insert it myslef. i would find a new doctor. the whole point is to relaxe as much as possible, if you are having to insert something into yourself while someone is watching that is not realxing.


mama-beans - October 27

WELL.... My appointment was Wednsday. I had a full pelvic exam, folowed by the ultrasound ( my OBGYN did it all) I expressed my concern about their policy, signed a waiver, and he did all the medical stuff. Crisis over. No one has ever explained why they would want ME to do it in the first place ( esp when it is following a pap.. speculum... come on, now) but at least there was a way to get around it. My doc was actually very nice about the whole thing, although he did mention that most women LIKE inserting themselves.... see, they insert it, then doc takes over and moves it all around, etc. I mean really, of the whole ultrasound, the insertion was the gentlest thing.. he had to move that thing all over the place to see everything, so now I really don't get why they would want me to insert it.... well, it's over now, but the question still remains. Oh, yes... I'm from the U.S., and maybe that IS part of the issue.


Nora - October 27

So, why are techs doing this anyway? Is the dr even in the same room while it is going on? I hope my OB does the u/s herself... Also, why do they tell you to come to your first appointment with a full bladder? They asked me to do this too. I don't know which type of u/s they'll be doing since it is the first one at 8 weeks. Any ideas?


mama-beans - October 27

Full Bladder.... you're getting an external ultrasound. My 1st child's doc preferred these, so I never had an internal one till this child. 1st child ultrasounds were done at an ultrasound clinic so an ultrasound tech does it, this child they have the stuff right there at the OB office, so my doc does it all himself.


Bohnwin - October 28

To piggy back on my first post about v____al u/s... I couldn't hold my pee, so I couldn't get a normal u/s. I inserted the probe for a v____al u/s because the radiology technician didn't want to do it because he was a MALE. It happened in a large hospital where the doctor couldn't be present. I guess it depends on where you are and what your hospital/clinic policy is. To those who are critical about u/s performed by techinicans, I am a Laboratory Technician, and one of my very close friends (I've known him for at least 8 years) is a Radiology technician. They undergo at least 2 years of college and clinical experience (the same amount of schooling as those folks that draw your blood and perform your cholesterol, pregnancy, and anemia tests in the lab). After that, they have to undergo other special training that can last up to a year of cla__sroom and clinical training to do ultrasounds. As far as I am concerned (being a lab technician), these folks, after completing this training program, are more than qualified to do an u/s. Especially since the u/s is recorded on a videotape and then your doc reviews it. Although your doc is not present, they do eventually review the u/s, and verify the diagnosis.


maya - October 28

when they did the external ultrasound I didnt have to have a full bladder. I wonder why. Years back I remember needing to have a full bladder. place I go to is a small clinic and the doctors have their own u/s machines in the room. part of every visit is the visit to the baby via u/s.most doctors insert fingers into you to check if you the uterus is soft or not. so I dont see much difference between that and inserting other things.


Nora - October 28

Thanks for the info! It's not that I don't think a Tech would be qualified to perform an u/s, but it seems strange that if he/she has so much training that they would not insert the wand also, like the dr. would. I am just more comfortable with my dr. conducting all parts of my appointments just because I have been going to her for so long, but I would probably be ok with it even if a tech conducted it. But it sounds like I will be having an external u/s anyway. I hope we can see/hear the heartbeat still that way. I heard that sometimes you have a better chance of hearing it at such a young age with an internal u/s...



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