Vaginal Ultrasound 5 1 2 Wks No Heartbeat

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BC - September 12

I had a va___al ultrasound last week (5 1/2 weeks pregnant-figured using conception date plus 2 weeks). No heartbeat was detected am I justified in my concern, or was this too early. My next sonogram (va___al) is scheduled for tomorrow. I'm praying everything is ok.


xristinaki - June 8

I read somewhere that the heartbeat is detected by a sonogram after 26 days from the day of conception.So around 6 -7 weeks from your last period.


Krista - June 8

I had a sono yesterday and there was no heartbeat. I have been told that perhaps it was just too early as I am just 6 weeks along. Even the dr. told me that it can not be detected before 6 weeks. I have been very upset and am praying for the best. I'll include you in my prayers. I have been told to look for bleeding and cramping, which would indicate a miscarriage. I have not neither which I am taking as a good sign. How about you?


roxanne - June 10

I just had an ultrasound today. I am so confused. 9 days ago, I had one and the results showed that I had a sac but did not have a developing baby. There was no hearbeat and no fetal lobe. My family doctor said that it looked like the pregnacy was not viable. My periods are never regular and I have had to use fertility drugs in the past to get pregnant. (10 years ago) Well, anyway after a long week and half of morning the loss of this pregnacy, I find out that in fact I am still pregnant. The ultrasound showed a fetus and a heartbeat. I want to be excited but I am still dealing with all this confusing news. My words for you are to hold on and not loose faith as I did. A heartbeat can take 6-8 weeks to detect. good luck


Isha - June 10

I have had 3 past miscarriages and i am 7 weeks pregnant now, and they said wait till you are about six- seven weeks before even having an ultra sound done. I have one every week since i was five weeks and you may not see any thing till your six or seven weeks. The heart beat you may be able to see at seven weeks but just wait till 9/10 weeks for the heart beat. Good luck we are here to help...I have been there


amy - June 14

honestly... it depends on the equipment that the doctor is using... AND... if everything was determined properly based on your last menstrual period (you might not be as far along as you think). Usually they can begin to tell at about 6 weeks... but 9 weeks is a better time to do it, especially if your doctor isn't using the most up to date sonography machinerary! for more information check out and good luck with your pregnancy! I'm sure you'll be not only seeing, but hearing that little swish/swish in no time!


Abby - June 14

What is amazing to me is that I now see that I am not the only one dealing with something like this. A week and a half ago I went in for an ultrasound (supposedly I was 6 weeks at the time)... a sac was detected but no heartbeat. The doctor sat us down and explained that he is 95% certain this is an abnormal pregnancy. After many days of riding on an emotional rollercoaster, I go back tomorrow morning to verify whether or not it is abnormal. Part of me wants to have hope... but the rational side of me keeps encouraging me to prepare for the worst.


Lynne - June 18

I had an ultrasound on the 16th and my fetus was only 5 weeks. No fetal pole was detected but the getstaional sac and yolk were there and what looked like a ma__s of cells. So, I personally think that it's too early to see a fetal pole. Am I right?


Mia - June 22

I was told that there was no heartbeat, but the gestational sac could be seen. My OB/GYN suggested that I may have miscarried without knowing it and that that may be possible. I was went back for a second ultrasound, which determined that everything was ok. Don't despair. You are fine.


Nadia - June 22

At 51/2 weeks, my doctor thought there was no viable pregnancy as they could not detect a heartbeat even though they could see the gestational sac. She said that I could have miscarried as was the case with many women. I asked how I could not have known and she said that that was normal too. She asked me to return a week later and at 61/2 weeks - lo and behold - they could hear the heart beats. Remember, we are dealing with humans (doctors) and machines here - none of which are infallible.


Liz - June 23

I too went for an ultrasound at 5 weeks and was told that the pregnancy was not viable and that I should set up a D&C that afternoon. After doing a blood test just to confirm, the HCG had more than quadrupled, so the doctor told me to wait, but that she still thought the pregnancy was not viable. The embryo measured 4.4 mm at that point. Today I am going back for a repeat ultrasound at 8 weeks. To date I have had no spotting or bleeding or cramping, so I am hoping for a positive outcome. From my experience, I think doctors can rush to give a judgement without waiting a few weeks to see what happens and in the meantime, the patient is left to worry for weeks on end, while they go about their business. Anyway, we will see what happens. Good luck to all


Lynn - June 23

You usually can't see a heartbeat til' around 8 weeks and i'm surprised as long as beta levels are going up and you can see "anything" in the uterus at all that a doc would say it's not viable. Where did they go to school? i'd be looking for a second opinion. I had my ultrasound today i'm 6 weeks post period but ovulated late so i'm really at about 5 weeks. We saw a sac and what looked like a bean sprout attached and growing from the wall. that's all you're supposed to see.


preciosa - June 24

I just had a miscarriage , but the doctor said to go back next week to check my hcg levels ....why do u think that is ?


Jessica Peters - June 26

You may be a little off on your days that would be only 3weeks preganant they say that the heart does not start beating until 25 days. They told me I had a blighted ovum at 4.9 weeks and now I am 10.5 weeks and baby is just fine. So I am sure that everything is AOK.


Jeanie - June 27

I started spotting two days ago but no cramping so I went to the ER and they told me that everything looked okay that my cervix was closed and that my mucous plug was where it suppose to be but they could not see any blood and I have spotted lightly the next two days so far. They did an ultrasound and said I was about 7 weeks and 4 days and they could not detect a heartbeat and scared me to death but I'm scheduled for another ultrasound in two days and I'm hoping and praying for the best. They say they measurements for the baby and my uterus are normal but I can't understand why I'm bleeding some unless it is close time for when my period suppose to be. Pray for me!!!!


ferrina - June 28

4 weeks ago an ultrasound did not detect anything and i was supposed to be 6 wks pg and my ob suspected i'm ectopic pregnancy. 2 weeks ago i had another u/s and it detected a sac in my uterus but no baby so i really got scared. i searched and searched the net and found this forum that somehow helped me get throught the days of waiting. i even researched over the net on u/s accuracy and sad to say i found out that only 30% of u/s meet the standard. good for me though, because this gave me another source of hope. a week ago i was just walkin and i'm feelin as though i'm about to have my menstruation. i dont know if i should call it cramping but the pain is not as much having cramps on my b___t or legs. so i called the father of my child and asked to accompany me for an ultrasound. i was so scared only to find out that there's a baby and a heartbeat 1.1cm long. it was the happiest day. just pray and pray. i hope all your baby's are fine.


Catherine - June 28

I am 7 weeks pg, and there is no heartbeat (but the fetus and all is there). The dr wants me to have a D&C on Friday, but I really want to wait until later next week. Maybe I am in denial, but I really want to be sure!



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