Vegetarian Pregnancy

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Dicegirl15 - February 1

Hi! I was wondering if there is anyone else who is a vegetarian and pregnant? I am entering my 6th week of pregnancy and I am a vegetarian. I have read that veg. pregnancies are no different from non veg. but I was wondering if anyone else has heard anything different.


greatgreta - February 3

hey! i, too, am a vegetarian, and into my 5th week of pregnancy. This will be my 4th child. with my other pregnancies, i didn't alter my diet all that much, to be honest. I took pre-natals, with occasional added iron tablets. As long as you have a balanced diet, and are getting enough iron and protein, you should be OK. the usual- green veggies, soya, eggs, beans, are good. (and unfortunately for me, cause excessive gas! LOL). how is the pregnancy going so far?


Dicegirl15 - February 4

Hi and thank you so much! My pregnancy is going great so far! Tomorrow marks 6 weeks! Yay!!!!! I have been doing my very best to get my 60 grams of protein a day, four cups of mild, and 8 cups of water. I seems to do well, it isn't hard at all, I am happy for that! I take a multi- vitamin which has everything needed in it. Since finding out that I am expecting, I have been trying even harder to put mostly good things in my body, seeing as how it is not only my body anymore! How is your pregnancy going, and when are you due? I am due around the first or second of October!


AShaffer84 - February 5

Hey ! I am a vegetarian too and 6 weeks pregnant! I asked my doctor about it and they said everthing will be the same. Just have to watch out protein intake (like we don't hear that enough without being pregnant!) Also there are a couple books about being a veggie and pregnant. I got one from amazon, just type in vegetarian pregnancy!


EricaB - February 5

I am a vegetarian, also. I'm at 9 weeks with a healthy-looking fetus on ultrasound. The OB docs said vegetarianism is fine, as long as I take my prenatal vitamin and eat beans and nuts. No worries! Everything will be fine. Most vegetarians are much more conscious of their health, I have found. Listen to your body, most importantly.


chelseaholley - April 24

im a veggie to and 8 weeks today. i was trying to take cod liver oil (against my ethics) but i just cant do it any more. im having a hard time eating anything but pbj sandwiches and cold serial... a big change from my usual mix of piles of veggies, beans, grains, fruit and nuts. well, once the nausea is gone and food dosnt repulse me i will be eating better. i hear that soy should be avoided in pregnancy because of its high estrogen and because it can cause birth defects in boys.


Preety - April 27

HI, Congrats. I am also pregnant n in my 6th week. I am also vegetarian. I thing multivitamins are ok n take juice n water.



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