VENT Unprofessionalism At Work My Pregnancy Is My Business

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anamariaflorencia - February 1

Ok, so I have only told a few select people at work that I'm pregnant and I have told each of them that I'm not announcing it to the general public until I'm out of my first trimester. One of the people I told was the nurse (I work at a school) who is married to the head of the middle school. Today I found out that the head of middle school went to another teacher to ask them to write a posting for my position because I'm pregnant and wouldn't be returning next year! First of all he's not suppose to know, second of all if he does I have not giving him permission to tell others that I'm pregnant. Third of all I have not announced to anyone my intentions of returning or not returning to work the next year! I'm so furious! Luckily I'm not planning on returning, but still, it's none of his business until I formally announce my pregnancy and my plans for next year. OMG!!!! It's hard not to scream.


billsgirl - February 1

oh girl, i totally feel you with this one. my co-workers are some of the most untrustworthey adults ive ever had the displeasure of spending time with. how could that guy be talking about getting a replacement for you? to a__sume that you wouldnt be comming back is pretty bold, and if he wanted to replace you cause your prego that is agaisnt the EEOC laws. sorry girl!!!


tish212 - February 2

also his mentiong replacing u due to ur pregnancy that hasn't been announced is against the law as well... its the health privacy law... I forget exactly how its written but I had a similar issue with my old job.... good thing u don't plan on returning!


mjvdec01 - February 2

If I were you I would confront him and make sure he knows how you feel about his actions, and let him know that he acted ouside the law. You could sue, and he is too stupid to realize that. Men can be such morons, and that nurse has no tact.



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