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K - July 26

Hi, I am 12 wks pregnant tomorrow. I've always been prone to bleeding and I've spotted pretty much since I conveived, its got worse consistently during the times of the month that I should have had my period. With bright red blood when I wipe as oposed to brown. I then stop spotting for a bit then continue. The spotting is normally just when I wipe and not loads, as I say worse when I'm meant to be on. This last week, also when I was due on has been quite bad comparatively, I've lost more blood than normal but still only when I wipe. This morning I woke up and by the time I'd got to the bathroom I had fresh blood on my thighs, that's never happened before. It really scared me. Cos of the bleeding we had an US at 6 wks and saw heartbeat and at 10 and half wks midwife heard the heartbeat with doppler. Got another scan on Thurs and don't know if I should go to docs to discuss the bleeding before that? What do you think, opinions greatly appreciated, by the way, I've had no real pain and any clots I've lost have been tiny. Docs say only be concerned if in pain or bleeding SIGNIFICANTLY diffiernt. I'm concerned and confused, help please.


jat - July 26

Go now to the doctor, er where ever. When you ever have a doubt, go! (this is my 6th pregnancy and I leave nothing to chance anymore) That's what you pay them for anyway... It will give you a piece of mind if nothing else... go


K - July 26

Thank you. I think I'm too scared to go. Pretty sick of being scared, 8 weeks of worry so far, a whole lifetime to come.


Lucy - July 26

K- try phoning your doctor instead...they are there to help you and if you don't get the help you need, say so or change doctors. It is important to listen to your instinct and always err on the side of caution. What's the point in hours or days of worry when you could have an answer or at least be comforted that all is well. Doctors are paid to help you so please use them!


Kathy - July 26

I would also go to the doctor if it is continual like that. At least call and explain, Lucy is right!


edc - July 28

lucy is right phone the docs just to put your mind at rest


K - July 28

Hi everyone, thanks for the support. I was too scared to go to the Drs. Sad I know but we've had such a hard time with this pregnancy. Hubby and I had scan today, still bleeding and lost clots in the morning, but there baby was waving and kicking away. Heartbeating fast and furious. Looks like the bleeding is just gonna be part of my pregnancy. I'm breathing easier now. I hope some of the women who have also had a hard time read this and take heart from it. Thanks again. x



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