Very Gross Question But Have To Ask

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christian - March 20

im 12 weeks pregnant, and just a few minutes ago i had the urge to go to the bathroom, and when i pulled down my underwear, there was something very green hanging out my butt. i freaked and started yelling for my husband. he ran in and was in shock, he started pulling it and pulled it out and layed it on the counter. it was 6 inches long.i know it wasnt a hemroid because i have had them before with my first baby. im so scared and i dont know what to do.What was it? and why was it hanging out my butt? im scared. any advice?


J - March 20

Could it have been poop?


Marie - March 21

Did you eat some string or something.....I'm sorry I had to ask, the last responce made me laugh.


JENNA - March 21



L - March 21

In all seriousness, it could be a worm. Does it look like it has little segments? If so, it could be a tapeworm. If not, it could be a roundworm, hookworm, etc. I would take the worm to my doctor asap! Worms can be acquired pretty easily, in undercooked fish, pork, beef etc. If left untreated, they can cause some serious health problems.


Sia - March 21

Hi, the best U can do is to see Your Doc, dont hesitate. There is many explanations.Hope and wish U and baby are Ok.


Julie - March 21

Please explain to me what a tapework is? And how do you get one? Never heard of such a thing?


Julie - March 21

Also not trying to be funny but I know when I first found out I was pregnant my bowel movements immediately changed and I was on the go quite often if you know what I mean. Could it have been an unusual bowl movement?


Jennifer - March 22

Could be a tapeworm, ask your doctor.


Heather - April 27

i'm sick about every morning picking up at pug in the top of my belly above my belly b___ten got sweats when i stand for a few minutes i fell sick to my stumach am i pregnant?


what? - April 27

Heather, I can't understand what you wrote?


NickieDo - April 27

I used to work at a Vet office, I don't think its a tapeworm...they usually break off into segments and dry up looking like rice (so if you pulled it, its not a tapeworm) And J's response made me laugh really


Angela - April 28

Christian, you have to let us know what it was!!!! I'm really curious now!


Jessy - May 2

definitely sounds like a yuck and scary that must have been for you!! Tapeworms are very bad for need to get a parasite cleanse from a health food sure to mention tapeworms...any medication from the doctor may not be good for your baby but a parasite cleanse is safe and healthy for anyone to do at's just all natural herbs that scare the nasty worms away...hehe


Ca__sie - May 2

I have no idea what it could be and I hope you find out, and get it all taken care of... however, J's answer made me laugh like I haven't laughed in a long time.


Nimrod - May 6

bump - Christian... I'm dying to know: What was it??!!


Umm - May 6

Not to be gross, but your post reminded me of our little dog some time ago, she had a dangly bit that she just couldn't get out. My hubby actually got some tissue and pulled.. it turned out that she had somehow injested a hair and her poo had covered it. Do you have longer hair? It's quite possible you could have injested a hair, even while sleeping. Good luck ;)



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