Very High Hcg Counts But Empty Sac On U S

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babymakes5 - June 29

I'm not sure what to think. I got a bfp on Mother's Day, this last Wed I went in for 1st u/s and we only saw a sac but nothing in it. Per LMP, would've been 9w1d on Wed. HCG count on Wed was 160,000, then on Fri., it went down to 146,000? Doc said it could be normal, maybe twins, but wouldn't I see 2 sacs? sac was only measuring 6 wks, but if there's no more growth, why such a high HCG? Now I have to wait over a week for another u/s. Has this happened to anyone?


ecb88 - June 29

Just this week i went to my first u/s due to cramping and spotting for a few days earlier, i was 7w1d when i went in for the u/s but the sac measured only 6w. I am not sure of my HCG levels as of right now, but i find out tomorrow, and hopefully they are high and my next u/s [this week] shows growth and a heart beat. Had you heard the heart beat before? Did you see or hear anything during this u/s? I hope everything goes okay, sorry i wasn't of more help, it's just nice to know someone is going through something like i am as well. Good luck!


babymakes5 - June 29

No, I didn't see anything in the u/s but the sac, the same as the doc. We didn't see a heartbeat and I've never heard one. it's frustrating because I have no cramps, no spotting, no bleeding. I have read that if you have a tipped pelvis, which I do, that it can be harder to see with a v____al u/s too. I just wonder if anyone's had such high hcg numbers and still miscarried. I have no signs of miscarrying. Good luck with your u/s, did you see anything in the sac on your first u/s? Heartbeat?


katirae - July 9

I'm in the same boat with you girls. Let me know what yall find out. I'm supposed to be 10w this week and my doc said that my hcg levels was up but took a dip and he said that they do that sometimes. I am being looked at every week for the past month and I go back Thursday for another app to learn my levels. I have had 2 m?c and a chemical pregnancy so far and 2 healthy boys in between. Good luck and let me know.


jessabunch - July 14

I had an u/s today but I was unsure of MLP so I thought I was 7 weeks. U/S showed a sac but no baby. I go back in a week but she said that I might miscarry b/t then. They took my HCG levels but I havent' gotten the results. I have horrible morning sickness, sore b___sts, etc... It's so scarey though.


KaraK - August 2

I am measuring 6 weeks, and I too had an ultrasound lastweek. They saw the sac and yolk and they were concerned because they didn't see the flicker of the heartbeat yet, and I was sent to get hcg levels as well to make sure that I was doubling to make sure it is a normal pregnancy. Good luck to you , i know how upsetting it is and listening to the doctors is just makes it more confusing. Good luck and I will be thinking of you. I go back on monday for another ultrasound and results of the blood tests. Worried 2!



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