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musiclover - March 16

Hi. I had a miscarriage in november at 10 weeks. Since then me and my husband haven't really been trying but we haven't been too careful either. My husband isn't sure he's ready yet but I'm dying to get pregnant. My question is.... I'm 4 days late for my period which never happens but the pregnancy tests I took yesterday came out negative. My first pregnancy (the miscarriage) I got a positive about 3-4 days before my missed period. If by chance I am pregnant how come the test is negative when the first time it showed up so early, and do you think that I could be pregnant? Thank you for your time and advise!


joey - March 16

hi...with baby #1 for me I didn't get a positive HPT until 8 days after periods were due..with this pregnancy I got a positive 3 days before they were due... Personally, I think it's because implantation can take shorter or longer times, then hcg hormones can build up at different rates with each different pregnancy OR there is the possibility you;re not pregnant and may get your periods...have you had regular cycles since yur miscarriage? there is no 'one answer for all' with anything pregnancy related- as my personal experience shows, things don't always happen at exactly the same rate. Keept testing :-)


musiclover - March 16

yay somebody replied! lol sorry I'm kindof a goofy person. But yeah, after a couple of months after the miscarriage my periods went back to completely normal. Litterally to the day. Thank you for your advise I'll keep testing


ejmeskan - March 17

Hi...with #1 I got a positive HPT on the 1st day of my missed period and with this one I didn't get one until 7days after my missed period. I took 2 tests that were negative even after it was supposed to be due. Good luck


HeavenisMine - March 17

With my first pregnancy I got a positive four days early, with my second pregnancy I kept getting negatives until after my missed period, but my first positive was a very faint one, it was not dark until about a week after. You could still be pregnant. I say wait a few days and try again, see how it goes. I miscarried my first too, so maybe we shouldn't trust early positives :) Just kidding of course.



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