Very Nervous PLEASE READ

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Maureen - May 3

Today I had my first ultrasound, which was supposed to be a dating ultrasound. I thought that because my last normal period was Feb 21, that I was about 10 weeks along. However, the Dr. told me that it doesn't look like I am 10 weeks and I am only about 6 weeks, but she also said that there is a chance that the fetus has stopped growing. I did lightly bleed for 4 days around march 24, so she could be right that I am only 6 weeks, but I am so worried that the baby stopped growing. Has anyone had this happen to them and have everything come out okay? Could my dates be wrong? AHH I am so nervous...I would appreciate any support you could give me! Thanks


frankschick2001 - May 3

During the ultrasound, didn't they find a heartbeat?


Maureen - May 3

The doctor didnt even check for a heartbeat! She said that it was too early to check. i will be having another ultrasound next Tuesday to check for even the slightest change! so maybe she will check then if there is change


Perl - May 4

Maureen, I can understand why you would be feeling nervous. You did say you were bleeding around March 24 for 4 days so maybe that was your last menstrual period instead ? If that's the case, it would be too early to see a heartbeat. In another week or 2 you should be seeing that little heartbeat. I wouldn't worry too much especially if you only bled for just the 4 days in March and have not seen any more blood since then. I hope it all works out perfectly, it sounds like your dating just got confused because of the light period in March.


kelley32 - May 4

When did you get your BFP?


josita - May 5

Hello, I just went in for an u.s yesterday and thought that I was 9 weeks along. The doc told me that the baby looks like it is only 6 weeks. She is concerned that I might miscarriage or that I got my dates wrong. I am super nervous also and not sure what to do. They did find a heartbeat and it is only beating at 80 bpm, which the u.s. specialist said was 'on the cusp'. I am really nervous and am going in again on Thursday for another u.s. What do you all think???



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